[Tripping On…] Tripping On Methocarbamol/Robaxin

Among all the medication I’ve taken, Methocarbamol/Robaxin, as prescribed by my third pain doctor the day I reported him to my insurance company for forcefully trying to manipulate me into taking an antidepressant, was by far the least effective. He had previously told me during that manipulative meeting I have transcribed on Zdiscord that there is no “quaternary agent” besides antidepressants, antiarrhythmics, and nerve relaxers. What a fucking liar. What a fucking joke these were.

I have some anger today in my heart about this whole situation.

Along with everyone’s overabundance of excitement over alcohol today, which has led me into feeling a bit more anxious and raw than usual, but I’ve channeled that anger to where it needs to go. I still have a number of essays to write about the American Healthcare System before I begin the slow process of re-reading and editing the more choice entries for publication. It’s going to be a slow process, but this phase of the process started with an email out to my insurance rep.

I have the complete alphabetical list of all the doctors I saw throughout this process.

I told them, first with an apology, that I would need to have the list in chronological order since there are some doctors I don’t even remember their names. I didn’t list their names here, but, referring to my insurance company’s dates, I can then look at the essays at around that time to refer to the codenames I used for them and give exacting complaints about them. I told them why I needed this information – I wanted to file a number of complaints about each of these doctors. I started off with the second pain doctor that only prescribed me Oxycodone, only gave me less than 10 minutes, and acted in ways where if I tried to ask too many questions he would become manipulative to the point where he could discharge me as a patient.

I’ve had many doctors control or try to control me over the past year.

These paycheck-driven doctors are insidious, and, the more I write about this and tell people, well, the less crazy I seem to be. Alone, I might feel like I am some brat. However, people share stories of how it’s like for them, in Canada or Germany or through the Veteran’s Affairs, I’m seeing that it’s not all that different for them, too. Healthcare is full of horror stories and it really shouldn’t be that way. Whether the results of my essays are wide-sweeping healthcare reform or just a kick in the ass to some processes – the only thing I would like to see implemented is an audio/transcribing recording system for every patient/doctor interaction that could be turned on or off at the patient’s request, only, and can be directly submitted to a third-party, impartial review board for consideration.

This would remove power from very powerful individuals.

When I tell people that I write about control, that means I have to understand it, and, I’ve had to have been the victim of it. They might call it trauma and might want it to be swept under a rug, but I have had experiences that should not be experienced by any human being in all of “civilized” humanity thanks to the American Healthcare System. Waking up paralyzed from August 31 at noon until September 01 at 4:30am after my surgery, being told that I’m a hypochondriac because of that paralysis, and being unable to do anything at all to advocate for myself is not “trauma.” Even though I lectured that anesthesiologist for 90 minutes about his negligence, he still practices today, and if he were fired, another equally corrupt anesthesiologist would take his place.

Instead, we need ways to prevent patients from giving up their control.

I believe that most people are willing to give up large percentages of their own control to whoever is seductive enough in that environment. Hustlers are common in every field across humanity. There are good doctors and there are bad doctors. My battle, my mission, and my journey will not affect any good doctors. They are the ones that fully allow patients to keep control over their own care. My battle is with the ones that will steal control away from patients by manipulating them into thinking in only certain ways. Whether that includes writing the patient file to appease current third parties or not is a tricky statement to make, but, I have yet to review my surgery notes.

It will be a fascinating read when I’m feeling much better.

It will be nice once this is done and published. I haven’t checked my mail in a while, but I’m sure there are bills waiting for me that are for bogus, weird, or erroneous bullshit. I had a several week’s battle with my insurance company over a bill that arrived at my door concerning the surgery day. This was the final outcome: “August 31st – Our notes show the hospital advised they billed this in error – the payment we issued is being returned. Please let me know if you are receiving a bill.[1]” How many patients can’t fight like I can fight? I have a way with words, having banged my way through 2 million and counting. Good or dumb words, they’re still words, and some of them have a force of impact.

How many people pay unnecessarily?

How many people have had to suffer through their healthcare systems needlessly because powerful doctors wanted to remain more powerful? When the surgeon went to my bedside after my surgery, he admitted that he was relieved and he was nervous because of how it all happened – so he talked shit about me to three different people. How many people but me will tell this story about that? I was told, by the second pain doctor, that he had retired. I just finished looking over his active profile on his private practice’s website.

There are hustlers aiming to steal people’s control of self everywhere, unfortunately.

Quotes: [1] The insurance rep’s response.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I have not much to say about the medication other than it might make me feel a little more tired, even in higher doses. Benadryl is more effective for sedation.
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Written On: 2021 May 05 [11:12pm to 11:39pm]
Last Edited: 2021 May 05 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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