[The Story] Background Cold Wars

In “The Story,” there was always a looming threat of war in the background whenever I’d think about the central characters – John and Trishna – or side characters like Sammohini, main character of my first novel. There have always been national wars for as long as I’ve been alive, from afar, but now it seems like with COVID-19, the war is here. This may make me seem entitled but I’d never experienced looming threats of conflict.

Spoilers?: Minor [meandering through scenarios]

How much of these current events tie into “The Story” depends on two main factors. First, and by far the factor that weighs most heavily, is how the narrative within “The Story,” itself, unfolds because I’m not going to shoehorn in artificial political opinions into a narrative that would otherwise be devoid of that! If that’s how the story unfolds in my imaginarium, then that’s how it’ll go. The second and less significant factor is how our current events unfold because of the above shoehorning thought.

I do wonder about the war that goes on in their background.

In my first novel, Josh and Linda fought in the war that’s going on in the background, returned healthy and unfazed, so it’s not like how it’s going now, where we have an invisible threat looming anywhere. If that were to happen later on in “The Story” as a sort of biochemical event, well, that doesn’t concern the narrative at least for the first five or ten years.

If there were a major war narrative, I’d have to study about wars first.

I think the most it will be, at least from John and Trishna’s perspective, will be a looming threat from a distance, like most of the wars I’ve heard about on the news. That does mean they live a more privileged lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean the narrative won’t rattle them around later. It’s just throughout their college years, there’d be no point to explore that war-from-afar in too much detail.

I do wonder how other characters fared on their wartime trips.

When Hank, another character from my first novel, talked about his wanderlust travels across their world, he didn’t make any indication of any political conflict or wars, so maybe it’s just a small-scale situation? Sammohini doesn’t really pay full attention when people talk about their war stories or travels, so during the novel, that’s my excuse, is that she’s not really the most interested in knowing about all that, either.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening; just that it wasn’t a big deal.

Exploring these thoughts a bit, the Wars in Iraq and Terror were wars that never had any implications on a local scale. Humble middle-class suburbia kept on going through all of those situations. I missed the Cold War and all of its implications. For me, COVID-19 is perhaps equivalent to that, where instead of MAD we have a viral disease, but rather than an abstract concept from abroad, it’s affecting us in extremely close proximity.

That’s not a narrative topic I’ve yet thought about in imagining scenes.

Rather, I think at least for the first half of “The Story,” I’ll keep the focus to personal, interpersonal, and relational conflicts with only the war[s] that occur from a distance as a peripheral thought. I still should generally know about major recent wars for general life context, so that research may help advise narrative aspects in the future.

I’ll have a better understanding of this before writing the second novel.

I briefly flirted with the idea of having the third novel, or even the second novel, being about my interpretations of how it must be like for healthcare IT employees to be dealing with COVID-19, but that’s not a topic I can sensitively address without outdated information and wild conjecture. When I write the second novel, which will happen after I have a four-month backlog of essays to match my four-month writing estimate, and when I’ve cleared out the apartment-mansion, I’ll keep the course steady on something more introspective.

That doesn’t mean the outside world can’t inform that introspection.

It’s just from all the scenes I’ve imagined or remembered, nothing has been as intimidating as an active war going on in Eville, but that’s not to say there aren’t wars going on elsewhere. I’ll have to think about this more and return back later.

I asked friends-of-the-website Collector and IDKFA for ideas.

Hogan’s Heroes, M*A*S*H, and Catch-22 all focus on the soldiers of war, rather than the war itself, and Gone With The Wind has its war in the background, along with most of Star Trek except DS9, but then I found my answer to my thoughts from above. In the world of “The Story,” at least until after John and Trishna graduate college and the few years after that, there will be a cold war to use the definition looming in the background but never actually impacting things. There will be enough voluntary recruits to where there won’t be much of a concern from a civilian perspective.

How that changes – honestly – is a mystery to me.

The way I’ve always considered writing is that as I go writing and reflecting, ideas will build on each other, whether through meandering through any of the aforementioned media or just letting my mind play scenes when I’m relaxed enough, so if I proceed forward in that direction of writing and reflecting, I’ll find out whether “The Story” will turn into the sort of apocalyptic war that will consume their world and necessitate any sort of global pandemic concerns. I mean, after all, there is still some semblance of society and order as I write this. That could change by the time I’m ready to write the second novel or even “The Story,” but wherever I might bunker up, I know I’ll be writing and reflecting, because those are two of my favorite hobbies.

Hopefully, it’s not on some biochemical battleground, but if it is, I’ll still be writing.

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