[The Story] Movie Night Interrupted

There’s a scene somewhere in “The Story,” perhaps later on in the novel series I’ll write once I have the writing skill – by practicing writing other novels like Novel 02, along with the time and pain-free energy – where John and Trishna are watching a movie. This scene might analogize my life. Partway through the movie, Trishna needs to take a break, and because she’s in pain, they stop watching the movie early to go to bed.

Spoilers?: Minor [scene provides information]

Scenes like this provide information about characters, actions, and settings.

I’ve been using the apartment from Viridi as short-hand for some of the many apartments that John and Trishna will move into once they move out of Trishna’s parents’s house. It’s easy enough for me to use that vidoeogame’s apartment layout, but knowing the scene takes place there implies certain elements about where the scene takes place within the timeline of “The Story.” This scene could take place at other places along “The Story’s” timeline, but when I’ve meandered through this scene in my imagination over the past week, it seems to take place most often in this apartment.

There is also a different service dog than Pollyanna there.

Pollyanna was a German Shepherd that was Trishna’s service dog during her childhood and into early adulthood. This service dog might also be a German Shepherd, but is younger. As a placeholder name – or perhaps the name given by the service dog trainers to imply when the dog needs to perform an action, like how “Lady” is how Trishna refers to Pollyanna when she needs Pollyanna’s help – the name “Champ” popped up. Regardless of the name, I’m writing about the elements around the scene first to give context to the scene itself. When I imagine these scenes, I try to look for these sorts of clues as to where they appear within the narrative. I don’t often imagine these scenes in chronological order, so this is the way for me to tie them down to some sort of coherent whole, even though at this time, I am still so far away from writing these scenes that it might be better just to experience them than to try to capture them in writing like this.

So here’s how the scene plays out:

John and Trishna are in their apartment watching a movie. They have a sort of rolling cart that has their TV, entertainment center for playing videogames or watching movies, and can be moved out of the way since they have a small studio bedroom. They might store their media in a stationary shelf, but this rolling cart lets them watch or play media on their couch when they want, and lets them move the cart out of the way so they can do other things in the space when they also want.

They’re watching a movie until Trishna needs to take a break.

She has some spine problems that impact many areas of her life. She uses a wheelchair and has a cane, or possibly crutches. The cane attaches somehow to her wheelchair, so she can easily access the cane while sitting in the wheelchair. On most days, her spine problems are minor enough to where she can still do many activities including watching movies without interruption. But during this particular scene, she notices a flare-up and so she goes to the restroom to try to see if she can fix the issue. For her, sometimes getting up, moving around, and waiting for the pain to pass is enough. As she’s sitting on the toilet, she realizes the pain isn’t going to get better.

“Champ” retrieves John.

Maybe “Champ” gets John voluntarily or maybe Trishna asks “Champ” to get John. The service dogs that Trishna will have mainly serve the purpose of monitoring her pain levels. Pain management service dogs do this by listening for changes in their owner’s body, such as expressing pain audibly or even subtly through a noticeable change in breathing, to name two examples. As this scene continues, John knocks on the door to check to see if Trishna is doing OK. She responds by saying that she’s not feeling well, so he asks if he can enter, then she says apologizes and says she needs to lie down.

John helps Trishna get ready for bed and then helps her into bed.

Trishna might have pain management medication near their bed, or John may get this for her, and then John then puts everything away. Trishna apologizes for cutting their evening short, to which John says that it’s not a big deal at all. John puts away the television, puts away everything for the night, and joins her in bed. By this point, Trishna’s pain symptoms might have decreased enough to where she could feel relaxed. I know that for me, sometimes when I catch my pain symptoms early enough, getting into bed to rest will help. It’s not always a guarentee. Sometimes, my pain will increase by getting into bed, but I imagine that Trishna has an easier time with this because rathe than my sudden spine problems, she was born with spine problems, so she’s had a lifetime of pain management solutions and doctors that have helped.

Returning to the scene, Trishna once again apologizes for cutting their movie short.

John isn’t bothered by this in the slightest. He says that he would rather Trishna feel pain-free and in good spirits throughout the movie than continue watching the movie. She falls asleep in his arms and maybe it takes more time for him to fall asleep. He doesn’t mind. When they wake up the next morning, he asks how she’s doing. She says that she’s feeling much better, which is something I’ve noticed as well. Sometimes my spine will feel better after sleeping. Not always, but sometimes. To conclude the thought of the scene, they later enjoy the rest of the movie.

It was a nice scene to help me through my spine problems.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: I’m in a significant about of pain right now so writing about this scene was probably disjointed and confusing, but I wanted to write this as I had the energy because it is the first in my new experimental changes to my writing format. Since I am doing Minecraft builds for Novel 02, it’s almost like I am doing practical problem solving like this scene by answering questions about the scene or filling in the blanks. Here, thinking about their entertainment system setup or “Champ” now is easier than when I go to write. I can do research more casually now, whereas when I’m in fiction-writing mode, it’s not so much I’m in a rush to finish writing as much as I have to switch my brain into that mode. It can be difficult. But my new format will be good for building out elements of “The Story” by means of Novel 02. I will still dedicate Saturdays to writing about “The Story,” but on other mornings of the week, other than Wednesday mornings which will still be for Rowing Machine or health-related things, I’ll write about my Minecraft builds or Downsizing Zeal. My evening essays are dedicated to Tripping On The American Healthcare System, but when my health returns to normal, I will use most of the evening slots for either Downsizing Zeal or Sober Living. Having two slots for “The Story” essays each week was almost overwhelming, since I’d have to scratch my imagination for content, whereas now, I can focus on one idea, build it out, and let everything else happen more naturally. I suppose. As such, this movie night was the main thing I was thinking about relating to “The Story” over the past week.
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