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How overlap is there between “The Story” and my life as its eventual writer? The sort of existentialist thought experiments of wondering whether the main or side characters wouldn’t have happened were it not for X don’t particularly interesting me. We’re on this path, not another, so there’s no point in dwelling about the comparisons. That said, whenever I’m out and about, I carry “The Story” with me, thinking about it before writing it properly.

Spoilers?: Minor [differences/similarities in connections]

The biggest link between these characters and me is disability.

My disability might be ending soon thanks to chiropractic assistance. With no visible damages to my spine, no slipped discs in the MRIs, essentially amounting to a full-body set of MRIs, yet still experiencing constant, debilitating pain, I’m glad I asked my PCP/”family doctor” about the musculoskeletal perspective, because he sent me to this chiropractor that didn’t do any cracks today. The assessment alone was enough to exhaust me, and yet, I feel better from it.

In that way, my disability is more of a short-term tourist activity.

Trishna, particularly, has had to live with her spinal condition from birth, and doesn’t have the luxury of possibly getting better like I do. I don’t take that lightly. There will never be a day throughout the rest of my life where I won’t have it in the back of my mind this past year, and specifically the past few months, where I could barely operate. It’s been a struggle. There is no better way to phrase it. Hope and optimism are dangerous words to keep in this space, because you have “hope” that you’ll feel better after going to a doctor or even a chiropractic appointment, only to have that hope dashed.

The right path is neither “hope” nor “grief” but “unbiased perspective.”

My unbiased perspective now sees a body in a positive condition compared to recent days and months. The chiropractic assessment was rough. If there’s anything positive that this past year has taught me, and it’s taught me many positive things even as the world has seen perhaps its worst pandemic kill off more disabled people than necessary, it’s that I can now endure a perhaps incredible amount of physical pain. This permeates out into many other paths. The pain of lost friendships don’t harm me as much now; they can always be found, or, if burned, then, oh well. The pain of words mean less to me now – because to first trust their word, I must first trust them, and I don’t assign the sort of close trust out like I once did.

I’m still excited to meet new people.

New people and new experiences can help educate “The Story.” My chiropractor’s office is buried deep within an industrial part of town, near some storage lockers, where he rents out a room from a larger facility. That doesn’t translate to “The Story.” My chiropractor and his office won’t make an appearance in “The Story,” but, the experience of going there helped reveal parts of reality to me, which might help reveal parts of “The Story.” I could see there being a physical therapy office and chiropractor nearby Eville Medical, as there was a physical therapist’s office near my chiropractor’s office, and I’ve seen physical therapy offices near hospitals before.

I guess I think of “The Story” as 50% inspired and 50% original.

The inspired parts are from our reality. As I drive through healthcare areas like hospitals or to appointments like this, I might imagine how the main avenue of Eville Medical might work. The area has probably more recently been built than the part of Eville that is closer to the sea. There might be another hospital there, an older one that settlers perhaps first built before making Eville Medical and its surrounding areas, so it benefits from being optional infrastructure. When infrastructure needs to be built quickly, it seems like there isn’t much planning behind it. I would, of course, need to validate this assumption with research and consultation, but, it’s a worthy assumption to make nonetheless.

How do John and Trishna fit into all of this?

I don’t know if either of them will go to a chiropractor, and if so, Trishna is the more likely candidate, but now I have two experiences with chiropractors. A good doctor, today’s, spends the time to get to know the patient before working on them. A bad doctor, like the one I had years ago, just focused on getting some cracks out of my spine. Sure, cracks sound like progress, but they’re not progress. What is progress is a slow, careful consideration of where the body is and where it needs to go for recovery. As that relates to “The Story,” Trishna went to many doctors in her early childhood to relieve the spine pain she was born with, so I could imagine her going to physical therapists, chiropractors, and other sorts of doctors.

This large-scale project of “The Story” requires 50% building and 50% imagining.

When I wrote “Novel 01,” that was from the perspective of writing something with as minimal impact to “The Story” as possible. The only major details that can’t be swapped out or fixed up in “Novel 01” are the biggest ones – family members, locations, and so forth. All the characters, perhaps even Sammohini, are minor characters. If I started by writing “The Story” at its beginning, I wouldn’t have had the writing practice to do it well, and I probably would have failed. But with a legitimate novel of quality that I appreciate, I can keep going.

Let’s say my spine health does improve.

I will become closer to writing “The Story” through writing the many essays, novels, and other things that I do in my life. There is no greater goal than to achieve something that motivates you to achieve an unbiased perspective through the myriad pains of life. Without “The Story,” this spine pain process would have been much more difficult.

I’m excited for “The Story.”

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Written On: 2021 April 26 [11:03pm to 11:35pm]
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My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.