[The Story] Rowing Up More

Unlike previous brainstorming updates to The Story with collaged ideas about varied topics, this will focus on how exercise relates to the main characters John and Trishna. There will be deeper background into both characters below, however not extending much past the beginning of the intended narrative, so consider this week’s update a spoiler-free character developing exercise.

Trishna’s Fitness Background
Her parents were activist hippies that imbued her with a strong sense of self-respect along with good health routines. She has a leg issue that she was either born with or experienced as a result of a childhood injury, allowing only minimal mobility with crutches, and requiring a wheelchair for longer distances. Trishna’s Mom taught her cooking and light exercise. Neither parent were particularly athletic. Trishna has an older sibling, originally imagined as a brother although perhaps a sister might work better, that is very athletic. She went to most of her older sister’s athletic competitions without holding any envy.

John’s Fitness Background
His parents were never in the picture so he moved between abusive households in poor reservations. He’s missing his right pointer finger and thumb either from birth or by childhood injury if the narrative has a war backdrop. He developed resilience and self-confidence in spite of both, so he was a troublemaker kid by force rather than by choice to defend against bullies, briefly receiving tutelage, food, and an old laptop from a mentoring teacher thanks to his studying and politeness. John didn’t play any sports, instead hiding away in libraries, in his room, or in the woods, and grew up mostly malnourished.

College Recreation Center
This part will briefly outline the beginning of the narrative, so consider this the “going in blind” cut off point, although there won’t be any spoilers since the narrative isn’t set yet, other than minor moments covered shortly. So, after having been daily Internet friends through their time in high school until The Scene happens where they meet, Trishna goes to college. John’s a full-time support buddy during her first year, mainly spending his time on campus while she’s in classes studying Trishna’s coursework, although he might figure out a way to join the college gym. Maybe he takes a college credit or two?

Rowing Machine Discourse
Rowing is an inclusive sport that quickly and efficiently works most muscles. There’s usually a lone rowing machine in most gyms. Most people go for more glamorous weight-lifting machines since it’s loud and repetitive. John would be introduced to the rowing machine as solid option with his grip and from there would get Trishna rowing as well.

Further Physical Fitness
Along with rowing, Trishna might find a yoga studio through college or classmates, and John would quickly achieve a normal weight then start running or other physical activities. Their interests growing up were primarily indoor activities like playing videogames and writing, though this could expand depending on where the story goes.

Focused Future Updates
This was a rewarding brainstorming format!
Same format next week?

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