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Until I designed my mind-palace in the physical space of a Minecraft map, and thinking about my intentions with the Discords I maintain related to “The Story” and other hobbies, I didn’t know how I wanted to develop these servers. After writing “Novel 01,” I realized that before I started doing any major projects in the future, I needed to recruit editors, researchers, readers, sympathizers, and even guests. This Discord should now help with that goal.

Spoilers?: Minor [Planning writing logistics]

Having a well-tuned server for this use will be my last step before writing more novels.

It’s not specifically a prerequisite as much as a nice-to-have. If I write “Novella 01.5” without anyone that’s interested in contributing at all, it won’t be too bad, but especially as I proceed through with my other novel-writing adventures, it would be nice to have people to help out. The idea of how I designed this space out, then, mirrors what my intentions are for the server and my writing in general. I have a general lobby for anyone to visit and post things in, but like any sort of office or business, there’s an entryway to prevent people from getting in too deep into the finer aspects of the organization.

That I show this, though, means I want some degree of transparency.

The transparency would be similar to how I wrote “Novel 01.”

All of my planning is available on the Gdrive. I operated my writing then as though I were the target reader of “Novel 01” and I generated content with the intention that if I were the reader, I would want to see the behind-the-scenes content after I finished reading it in full. The only content I haven’t uploaded there were the pictures and bits of inspiration I dug through along the way. Now that I feel like it’s been a lifetime of health problems since I wrote “Novel 01,” after I build out the rest of the sets that will appear in the novella and “Novel 02,” get my health back in order, and downsize to a sufficient degree, my focus might be primarily on what is contained in the screenshot above.

I want to spend my time “half” fiction-writing and “half” exploring life with Zdiscord.

The Story’s Discord” would be the sort of a/vocational working intention.

Zdiscord Zeal, then, is my place to relax and unwind after the many sort of a/vocational intentions of life swing themselves at me. One thing I learned while “Novel 01” then my health problems was pacing myself and allowing myself the patience to relax and otherwise appreciate the many aspects of life that we often forget about when we go full-bore into work. Everything I did, hobby-wise, up until recently has seemed to either be for the purpose of writing about it or otherwise to justify doing it for “work” purposes.

Learning to balance my goals with my energy levels will be essential to live life well.

I am the most unhealthy I’ve ever been in my entire life because of how badly my spine intends on destroying me, so if there’s anything I can do to prevent that, I will. The intention, then, is that for all the work I want to do in writing, I should also try to “work” in other areas of my life that actually aren’t work at all. My mind works best when it’s attempting to achieve a goal, whether it’s writing a novel or finishing off an anime series, so if I lean into that more, I can better achieve my goals.

I have a Lupin III club in Zdiscord for watching that series, for example.

Lupin III won’t be directly influencing “The Story” to any major degree. John wouldn’t name that as his favorite anime. The anime might not even appear in “The Story,” unless it were a legally-distinct version, or if I knew enough of how the legalities worked to name the series and properly acknowledge it. That doesn’t mean I should do what I’ve been doing up until I wrote “Novel 01,” which was put less value on things that didn’t help me write. It’s not that those other things were worthless, but, in my mind, if Lupin III didn’t help me write “The Story,” I wouldn’t spend time watching it unless I met certain other criteria.

Why can’t I just watch Lupin III and enjoy it for its own sake?

When I ask these questions and think about life from that perspective, then when I’m feeling well, I can dig into the left-side of this Discord screenshot and plan more things related to “The Story,” but if I’m not, then why not dig into the right-side of this Discord screenshot and expand my appreciation of reality? While writing this essay, I added some more channels to Zdiscord and I intend to add even more. I’ve been joining the Discords of many Twitch streamers that I appreciate and they all have channels based around topics that they enjoy.

Some have myriad channels like mine, and others don’t.

In life, we should figure out what we like and do more of those things. I’m adding channels based on my interests or things that I like to do. I haven’t ordered take-out in a while, but I did today, and I enjoyed the meal. I didn’t take a photo of it, but I’ll post in #food that I enjoyed some Noodle Delight, and might do that going forward. I’ve taken thousands of photos with nowhere to really use them other than essays. Now that I’ve readjusted my essay-writing focus to larger projects, those photos have sat on my phone or harddrive without much application – if you will.

Posting about them somewhere seems like a fine way to share them.

Why not in a Discord for me to share my thoughts on things with others? That could be a way for me to appreciate things in life without feeling obligated to work.

Or at least turning everything into an achievement that I completed.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: I didn’t get a chance to build in Minecraft at all today and wanted to write an essay that tied things together. Yesterday’s essay didn’t really match up with “The Story” much so this is kind of a balancing of that essay for weekly content related to “The Story.”

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Written On: 2021 January 12 [11:10pm to 11:43pm]
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My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.