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In “Them Playing Together,” I wrote about how a local videogame store inspired elements of “The Story” ranging from seemingly-insignificant geography to insignificantly-significant daily hobbies. It might be boring to cover many years in the lives of John and Trishna, especially if a majority of their recreational time might be spent playing videogames or reading, but it’s worthwhile to know their favorite hobbies. How much time do they spend doing hobbies apart from each other?

Spoilers?: Minor [games as storytelling]

John wouldn’t spend much time at all playing anything without Trishna.

That’s been a dynamic I’ve enjoyed seeing through my imagination about their relationship. It’s not that John is completely obsessed over Trishna or anything. I would compare their relationship more to The Addams Family in terms of how they have a loving relationship, are uniquely individual people, but John just happens to be infatuated with Trishna. The reverse is true, as well, but I think for Trishna, she might have more of a curious eye open to the world at large, whereas John’s life experiences prior to transitioning from having a long-distance friendship to an in-person relationship might have taught him that the world is worth a curious eye, but he’s found peace within his relationship with Trishna.

That’s a romantic way of saying John doesn’t want to screw up things.

Trishna, comparatively, didn’t have such a hard childhood. She might want to go exploring or want more personal time to explore herself or her thoughts, where John already had to do all of that. I haven’t considered how this all plays out, especially after their college years, other than deciding that she isn’t going to go around and cheat on him or do anything like that. The differences in their personalities might manifest in terms of how they spend their alone time. If they’re apart because they’re working different jobs, they would text each other to stay in communication, but Trishna might also get more distracted on things around the world, where John might think more about something to do for Trishna.

In that way, I wonder if Trishna might have her own mobile game she plays?

It could be something like a puzzle game like 2048, a variant of Viridi that she could play on her smartphone and play on her computer, or even a fighting game? It wouldn’t be anything she’d hide from John. He might even play, too, but for him, he’d be less interested in playing these. This is all just conjecture, too, because while they will spend a fair amount of their free time together playing through videogames, usually one at a time, I imagine that she might also play some additional casual games. Does that correlate with any suggestions that she might want more from their relationship or imply she might cheat on him? No. That’s the problem with overanalysis. While it’s great to use such contrasts as analogies, it’s not an immediate comparison.

I wonder, then, if she might carry around a Game Boy-type device?

I imagine that they will read books on separate topics. John has interests in history whereas Trishna has interests in agriculture. It’s important in relationships, too, to have alone time and that time apart might usually be spent doing something other than furthering the relationship. A good relationship is one where neither party fully relies on the other, but rather, the relationship enhances both people. One is a better person because of their interactions with the other. A bad relationship, conversely, is where one person depends on the other too much for their emotional well-being. They should be happy on their own; the relationship adds to that happiness rather than acting as the primary motivator.

If anything, John might have some trouble being more independent.

He might, then, need more resources external to the relationship like entertainment or additional friends. He’ll meet Float and Quest early into college. I’ve wondered why I haven’t considered any of Trishna’s friends. She may not need them as much as he does. While friends are important, I think acquaintances an even more important balancer for relationships, because depending on their proximity to the people in the relationship, you can ask them sensitive questions or they could give innocent advice that could help in all matters.

That’s like free therapy, I suppose.

To avoid too deus ex machina storytelling, I imagine that John will need to have more therapy time to address the lingering issues of his childhood more so than Trishna, but I think both would go to couples therapy – at the advisement of Trishna’s parents. Trishna’s parents are well-adjusted and happy within their relationship so they could be the ones that have had the years of research, therapy, and ability to support John and Trishna as they begin their relationship.

A note on Trishna’s parents.

While I’m not exactly a fan of this notion, I think one aspect of their relationship that helped them out is that their first language was not their shared language. Divit speaks Sindian and Brigit speaks Direish. They both learned English [I couldn’t come up with a good pun on English], but their families still talk primarily in their first language, so that might be more of a contrived yet convenient way for them to remain independent. In a sense, a good relationship – whether romantic like we’ve been talking about, friendships, or wherever – might be one where everyone involved remains independent enough but has integrated within the whole. The end of the relationship, while terrible [or if circumstances were intolerable, fantastic], shouldn’t ruin anyone involved. If so, then there were aspects of that relationship that were not healthy.

It would be like if John depended too much on Trishna.

It could be easy for him to accidentally do, but through the aforementioned considerations, and I’m sure more once I begin writing “The Story,” it could make for an interesting take on relationships.

How can he remain independent while also passionately in love to his beloved?

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: As mentioned in “Them Playing Together,” watching livestreams from one of my favorite stores, Pink Gorilla inspired me to think about whether John and Trishna might go to a videogame store that currently has Pink Gorilla as a placeholder. From there, I dug in more into their relationship here.
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