[The Story] Trishna’s Muscle Strength

I wrote about my accidental method writing for “The Story” in regards to John, whose physicality I can most politely describe as weak, introductorily. Not as in weak-willed, but as in physically weak. I’ve wondered about Trishna. She, also is not weak-willed. She isn’t particularly weak, either. But still, she needs to use a wheelchair to get around because of a bad foot, so while accidentally method writing for John, I considered Trishna’s muscle strength.

Spoilers?: Minor [establishing character physicality]

I would describe Trishna as someone that wouldn’t let life get her down.

When I first realized that she was born with a bad foot, either one that is malformed or maybe even almost completely missing, through a float tank session, I realized that I would need to do research in myriad regards. I’ve learned about terminologies, to be as polite as possible in referencing her. To that note, I’ve used “physically impaired” for years, however, as I do more research, most recently with someone talking about their terminology preferences, I’ve realized that, yes, I do have much more to learn.

The physicality aspect is something I thought I might learn from others.

Recently, however, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly unable to walk around for extended periods of time. I can still walk around stores, for example, but if I overexerted myself, I’d be practically immobile the next day because of physical pain. Now that I have a pain specialist doctor, I’m working with them to increase my tolerance to pain while addressing what specific stress is causing my malaise.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I need to use my arms to lift myself up from seats.

I might have done that over years, but now, I’ve been needing to do it or else I might not be able to stand up. I half-wondered if Trishna might be the same until I considered that she wouldn’t let life pass her by like that. What I imagined, then, is that she’d do yoga and exercises nearly-daily. She might not do much, but she’d do more than just sitting around, doing nothing. I would say that I did, during the worst of my pain, but now that I’ve had a few days without substantial pain, I could almost do yoga.

I’ve been considering how to rearrange my home gym for one.

I wondered where Trishna’s “home gym” might be, and I realized that it wouldn’t be in her bedroom. It would be in the living room or somewhere where others would be around, in case she needed help, but mostly she’d be doing light exercises or things within her tolerance levels. Still, I could imagine any possible events where she might fall or otherwise need help, or maybe would be close enough to where exercising alone – or even with her service dog – might not be the best idea.

Another thing I learned about was standing while having weak physicality.

My left side has been hurting significantly for the past month, less now, but what I noticed was that when I’d stand for anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes, my left side would shoot out in pain. It’s an unfortunate feeling. You feel like life has kicked you in the side. No- it felt like being sliced along the side, like the fold of fat was a razor. It’s not a good feeling at all, but I imagine that something like that could happen to Trishna if she stands for too long, or maybe sits for too long without doing exercises.

I’m still a long ways away toward writing Trishna as I’m imagining her and John in my mind.

Until then, these two physicality essays on John and Trishna, along with the essays I’ve written about my own physicality, should act as reference posts for me when I return to them in the next few years when I go to write “The Story.” I imagine by then, I will have acquired more accurate references that more realistically represent both Trishna’s wheelchair use and John’s hand disability.

Now that I think about it, I’ll return to this physicality topic soon enough.

I wrote notes to ask this doctor. Since I’ve been going to physical therapy, depending on how the MRI of my spine goes, we’ll talk about chiropractic work – I called the one the spine doctor recommended, left a voicemail, but never heard back, so I’ll ask for another one – and I’ll ask about yoga. Yoga seems like something that is generally considered a good and healthy, low-impact exercise. It should, then, be something fairly easy to recommend or provide a reference.

I own way too many things right now to not be able to move them all.

That’s where, too, I consider that Trishna’s physicality will subconsciously shape her room. She wouldn’t, for example, have tall shelves. She might have some display items on upper shelves or hung up on the wall, but everything would be generally chair-level. When John moves in, I’m not sure if he would use a tall dresser or not. When I think about it, I know he wouldn’t feel comfortable being able to have things secretive from her, so he might not like having shelves she couldn’t see.

That’s a thought-debate for another day and essay.

I’ve considered that when they go to college, they’ll join the college gym, maybe through the Accessibility Rights Club, friends, or just general interest. There, I’ve considered that John will learn various athletics, whereas Trishna, she might similarly learn various athletics. She might try swimming, weight-lifting, or rowing. These topics, too, are ones that I maybe haven’t addressed with the greatest of care, but I’ve been doing my best. I feel that as long as I don’t arbitrarily force these characters into boxes, but instead let them educate me on their lives, then I can do about as best I can as I am.

Unitl I find advisors and consultants that can help guide my thoughts and understandings along toward true realism.

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