[The Story] Anxiety Over Progress

I get the most anxious when I strive to achieve something but have no room for intolerable failure. It’s fine when there’s an acceptable tolerance for failure; things just break. However, when it seems like there is no tolerance for failure, that’s when my pulse weakens and my senses overextend. John [left] and Trishna [right] will face plenty of anxieties in “The Story,” but how they handle certain conflicts will be interesting and perhaps helpful.

Spoilers?: Minor (minor character musings)

My anxiety is subconscious fear over unknowns.

Currently, I am anxious over what could be waiting in my inbox at work: a nasty email from my boss about my inadequacies? In my mind, this email dresses me down to make me look like a fool but is subtle enough to not raise alarms with HR. Maybe this is why people constantly check their work emails? Why am I so worried, though? By the time this essay publishes, not only will I know what this morning’s fate was… I’ll also have had weeks to fix it…

Anxiety might stem from trying to alter the future too radically.

For Trishna, her anxieties revolve around achieving success. Not only does she have to, in her mind, prove herself to her doubters, she also needs to do well in order to succeed in life. Failing a test might mean failing a class which might mean not getting a job to pay the bills to a comfortable life- STOP! The more she, you, and I obsess over these negative feedback loops, the more likely we will fail due to addressing our stressors.

I’ve already drafted a theoretical response to that slam email…

For John, he already experienced many hardships in childhood, so in adulthood, dicer situations are less about wondering what to do and more about doing them. He might not, at least early on into the Summer and College Arcs, be concerned with the small details of a conflict, which might cause things to escalate. Though he may have enough common sense to listen to a reasonable argument from Trishna or her family, he may still shoot first then ask questions later.

Is anxiety best addressed through calming down your thoughts?

It tends to be more diplomatic to read something and give the writer the benefit of the doubt. What you might read into as passive aggressiveness might just be carefully constructed to consider no fault on anyone. I consider indirect and indecisive communication to be rude, but others might try to leave their communication open, using those tools to achieve a collaborative outcome. As I approach ever closer to that potential worst-case scenario email, I truly wonder: what’s the worst that will happen?

Just some mild disquieting thoughts.

Nothing to linger on about. Just like for Trishna and John, the more they face, the more they can tolerate, and the more equipped they’ll be toward achieving successful lives in “The Story” and being successful characters outside of it.

Email outcome: Received no email…

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: What’s funny is that now, having been over a month later, I can’t even tell you what that situation could have been about. I guess it’s funny in the same way that we can take humor from our past pains, which in other words means we need to take our present sitautions less seriously. Act with intention, but don’t allow minor sways in the plan to disrupt and ruin your psyche.
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Written On: August 22th [20 minutes]
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My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.