[The Story] Attending The Symphony

“I might try to sneak in on my break.[1]” “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind…[2]” How often have you heard about college students trying to sneak into a classical music performance? Let alone… attend? In “The Story,” John and Trishna are more likely to go to punk shows, and since classical music and rock music don’t often collide, what might inspire them to dress up to attend a more traditional symphony orchestra performance in downtown Eville?

Spoilers?: Minor (situational character building)

Either through videogames or invitation.

If through videogames, then it would have to be something as endearing as the Final Fantasy series. Maybe it’s the series that inspired John to write “the Post” which brought them together? That videogame would be more like EarthBound, a modern-day setting, than something that might inspire an orchestra and fancier dress codes like Final Fantasy.

However, I could see John dressing up.

He’d push past the stuffiness to dig dressing nicely. Especially if he could be accompanied by Trishna since she would love dressing up in an elegant evening gown. She would really go all out! Here at the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert hall, most everyone is dressed casually, but a few women are dressed elegantly, with intricate hairstyles, ornate gowns, and the sort of confidence that follows that grace.

How about through invitation?

There would need to be some kind of unique incentive because they don’t listen to classical music. Sammohini and Jane get Trishna into punk rock, and John also enjoys metal. Both don’t often intersect with classical music; Symphony and Metallica is one combination. It’d also be contrived if they “happened” to befriend a symphony performer and going at random is even more forced.

I thought of these details during intermission.

I’m only somewhat dressed nicely, but others certainly are dressed to impress! You can find yourself in significantly better places just by dressing up nicely. Trishna will learn that from Sammohini and her mom. They along with Jane will take trips to fashionable shops in Eville. John will learn this after seeing preferential treatment to the well-dressed kids in his childhood.

Going out like this will be fun for them.

I’ll usually only go out with a purpose: get paid, spend money [on groceries], or do stuff with people. Others thrive on getting out to meet new people, be seen, or see others. Sammohini and Jane will go out to shows constantly when they’re in college. They’ll go for the music, social opportunities, or just because it’d be a boring evening staying at home otherwise.

I went for the music.

Otherwise, I’d be at home writing, editing, or working on some project. When I wasn’t this driven, I’d be more likely to go out just because. An opportunity to meet up with casual acquaintances? Sure! That’s the balance of writing versus experiencing. I’m no longer socially impulsive. I need to remember that Trishna and John are different. They could “just” go for the experience.

Life is about the experiences.

Quotes: [1] Barista. [2] Me.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: Attending the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds, I wrote about what might have motivated them to attend a similar event. Fun fact: By chance, I sat a few seats away from a buddy and we hadn’t even planned it! I took a photo at intermission and posted it in our group chat. After I wrote, “I’m no longer socially impulsive,” my buddy posted a photo from a similar vantage point, and we conversed through the rest of intermission. Sometimes, life is that contrived.
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Written On: September 13th [2 hours]
Last Edited: October 29th [45 minutes] – I wanted to use italics to denote a shift to my experiences. I’ve stopped writing concert reviews because that form of writing is high-stress, low-reward for me, but occasionally when I go to a show solo, I’ll get an itch to write about it. The previous draft wasn’t solid enough as it was, so I wanted to punch it up a little more.
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