[The Story] Characters I Dislike

“My favorite characters stand up for some kind of moral but have a willingness to work through defeat, whereas my least favorite characters are fool-hearted and don’t have cool outfits.[1]” We broadly discussed some of my favorite character traits last time. Let’s continue with this question: will there be characters I completely dislike in “The Story?” It would seem like a given that John and Trishna would have to face these sorts of characters, right?

Spoilers?: Minor (characters overcoming situations)

Where is the conflict without dislikeable characters?

Popular media and anime, in particular, is rife with cartoonish characters that exude a certain punch-in-the-face-itude about them. Those annoying abominations to character and story shouldn’t be successful, yet it seems like they are, maybe because of how amusing they can be? Maybe some people like to laugh at characters like this?

I’m also not a fan of characters with generic designs.

In most RPGs or videogames where I can select from multiple characters, I’ll usually always skip over the first few characters, maybe out of a righteous sense of rooting for underdogs, or maybe because the first few character designs or personalities are usually always boring? I play games to gain new experiences, not do the same old stuff!

In that way, it’s less about aesthetics and more about personality.

John and Trishna, compared to their peers, will be more ambitious. Through perhaps a sense of social isolationism perpetuated by their appearances and personalities, they both will be more interested in succeeding further in life through doing more, seeing more, and obtaining career-oriented goals as opposed to achieving social goals.

Characters and people like that annoy me.

It’s great to have friends and to hang out with them, but it frustrates me when others – and most especially myself – don’t do anything with the time they have. When my efforts are squandered throughout any day, I feel miserable. When I accomplish tasks early on, the rest of the day unfurls into a vast cascading effect of success and happiness.

I wonder who won’t be like that in “The Story?”

What characters will John and Trishna meet in the College Arc that will be perpetually lazy? A lazy afternoon or even lazy hours throughout a week can be fine, but a lazy lifetime? Sucking time from others to fulfill some kind of hedonistically zany quota? I imagine there will be some. They haven’t popped in my imagination yet.

Maybe my focus has been on positive or plot-progressing scenes?

How about the scenes where John goes to meet a potential networking contact only to waste part of the afternoon in some kind of marketing scam? Or where Trishna goes to an interview only to find out it’s another kind of scam? Those have happened to me, and surely you, so why can’t they happen to them?

There are dislikeable characters in the Adolescence Arc.

They haven’t been much of a focus because I don’t like feeling terrible.

Most will be rough manipulators or annoyingly dressed…

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