[The Story] Conflicts Versus Peace

Conflicts typically suck. They do make for interesting topics to talk about so long as we don’t pull anyone under while fighting off those demons. In this week’s brainstorming update to The Story, we’ll cover some of the formative conflicts the main characters John (sword) and Trishna (spear) encountered before the main events of the narrative and cover future plot points. As always, ideas are subject to change once the formal writing begins; no ETA.

(Highlight to reveal spoilers: Like this!)

John’s Upbring Conflicts
Brainstormed some ideas earlier. (Turns out John’s teacher Mr. Ebersole was inspired by this story.) John lost his thumb and forefinger during an assault when he’s still an infant and he received a scar on his mouth from when a female classmate inflicted the scar on his face while sexually assaulting him at an event. He has other scars, and would initially be cagey or otherwise untrusting in others, until Trishna’s encouragement or psychological counseling.

Trishna’s Upbringing Conflicts
Hey, Chicken Foot!” While not as intense of an upbringing, Trishna still encountered prejudice from others for her appearance that ranged from physical abuse to social ostracization. This bullying from all of her classmates fell far outside the normal realm of children in public schools, which pushed her away from socializing into studying, even though she really enjoys talking with others. She doesn’t have any physical scars from this bullying with some light emotional scars.

The Couple’s Conflicts
There’s one major topic that Trishna and John will disagree over: sexuality. Trishna is bisexual, stating this in one of their earliest conversations, and intensely curious in experimenting. This scares John, even without the aforementioned rape, and might be a major conflict or just a one night compromise, depending on how their personalities develop. They’re both independent thinkers, so they’ll probably have different views on major or minor matters, including the morality of having kids.

Conflicts They Overcome
Part of what I like about these characters is that it seems like from the brainstorming I’ve done that they’re willing to work on both their problems and any conflicts they encounter in their relationship. I hate the stories where the characters argue for no reason. They fight to entertain the audience. That’s crap! I see it as part of the reason why relationships are dying. Maybe there’s less of a reason to remain in a slightly fricative relationship nowadays? Maybe it’s not the fiction we consume? What if we can have more substantial relationships in popular culture? What if most popular characters aren’t stereotypes? That’s not to say that Trishna and John will be defining characters in fiction. I have to dig into the fiction that works and doesn’t before I can really begin to write The Story.

Future Writing Conflicts
We’re nearly at 100 posts. This has been my best stretch of posting daily yet, I’m just not sure how long this will last. There’s work to consider and other obligations.

This, I know: most effort must go toward The Story.

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