[The Story] Cricket and Visiting

What do you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon with the family? Especially when geographically distant families visit, like Trishna’s family along with Trishna’s boyfriend John during one small arc early into the overall narrative of “The Story?” Probably what most families do: watch a sports game and catch up with the family! During a recent outing like this, I found one dynamic particularly interesting, which might happen in all families, including with Trishna’s family:

Spoilers?: Minor (characters in scenarios)

Two conversations frequently went on simultaneously.

The girls in our family talked about the most recent updates in family matters, while the boys watched sports while occasionally talking about the highlights. That’s not to say all families act like that, just ours, and by extension, Trishna’s family.

This is how I imagine the visit to be:

Trishna’s dad, mom, herself, and John join her family on a road trip out to visit some relatives on a farm out away from a major city in Sindia. When they arrive, they’ll sit in the living room and chat for most of the day.

Trishna and John, naturally, will sit next to each other.

Trishna, her mom, and aunt will talk mostly in English with other female relatives about the family. They’ll subtly talk at one point about how happy they are that John is nice to Trishna and how they’re proud that she found someone good. They’ll encourage her to get married.

They will marry within the next four years, if not sooner.

John will try to listen in occasionally and Trishna will poke John at times to let him know what they’re saying, especially if it’s something good about him.

Most of it will be about even more distant relatives.

They might talk about where so-and-so lives now, if someone has passed away, and who they’re married to now. Maybe they’ll talk about some big family drama or something stressful? Maybe things will be doing well so they’ll focus on more positive topics?

I don’t want to base this mini-arc too much on my life.

While these series of updates for this pre-College Arc are inspired by a recent trip to visit my relatives, they are more of brainstorming vacationing mementos from a different perspective, or in other words, rough blueprint plans rather than half-built homes.

With that, let’s return to Trishna and John:

While the girls socialize, John watches a sports game of cricket with her two uncles. It will be the first time he’d ever encountered, let alone watched, a game of cricket, so his uncles will explain the rules of the game as it unfolds while cheering and jeering throughout it all.

This might inspire interest in cricket.

The uncles aren’t so interested in talking about family matters, but John is interested in learning more about Trishna’s family history, so he splits his focus between the family chatter and the lively commentaries on riveting cricket game.

Overall, it will be an enriching and enjoyable visit for all.

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