[The Story] Districts of Eville

If “The Story” uses Seattle, Washington, as a primary location for inspiration gathering, how closely should its fictional metropolis, Eville, emulate Seattle? You have the International District, University District, Pike Place Market, Space Needle area, “Pill Hill,” Fremont, SoDo, and many more highly-individualized locations that are each just a little different than its neighbors. Though they probably won’t admire the architecture, I imagine John [center] and Trishna [right] will enjoy adventuring through their big city!

Spoilers?: Minor (world-building and scene-building)

Eville will be the best and worst city.

As much as I like being able to walk from one side of Seattle to another in about one hour, it also means you can probably see most of the big attractions during one leisurely day. I see tourists constantly and it reminds me to look at the city for more than just commerce.

I try to collect inspiration during each visit.

Pike Place Market is “too small[1],” quoting one tourist. For as popular of an attraction it might be on an international scale, its Evillian equivalent will be massive. In its center should be a public garden, private gardens, parks, along with commerce.

Is the Farmer’s District too plain of a name?

Eville is a coastal city, so its maritime equivalent, “Fisher’s District,” will probably blend into its Farmer’s District. Seattle’s University District is a driving nightmare, along with most districts or pockets in larger cities, so driving that might be improved in Eville.

How much architectural study should go into Eville?

Unless a city is planned from the beginning to be a certain commercial size, cities organically change. What were once-institutionalized buildings of formerly successful business are torn down for what is needed most in the present or predicted futures.

Eville shouldn’t be too clean.

“The Story” is a commentary on reality. The balance between the degradation and development of society. Cultural tolerance and intolerance. Grime, glitter, and all that goes into a well-rounded life filled with adventure. Reality isn’t perfect. Nothing is.

That’s the chaos within order.

Half of it will be studying every nuisance of Seattle I can. The other half will be casually studying elements of architecture, city planning, and development until I move to, or vacation in, other cities. I’ve been to other cities, but not since I’ve started writing daily.

That will build the orderly structure.

From there, let the pieces fall where they may. Just like how I write, I plan out the details and rough order, but let the characters bring in their own nuance. If Trishna likes the Farmer’s District, that will be a bigger area of focus than the Financial District.

Unless an important side character works there.

Even tangentially, each Sammohini Arc character should help to build this world. Their exploratory actions should contribute somehow. Otherwise, those characters are like rundown plots of land no one wants to sell off; wasted space. There are too many inefficiencies like that in reality.

The more “land” I “develop,” the better “The Story.”

Quotes: [1] Some tourist; also funny out-of-context.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium. Specifically, commenting on my process for building each neighborhood, scene, and environment.
Inspirations: Riding the bus out of Seattle, thinking about how each district is unique, how an overhead announcement can describe a location with one or two words, then brainstorming about Eville’s equivalent unique districts.
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Photo: Some LEGO and non-LEGO sets that I’ve bought to build sets and have more storytelling props. I tried to be more elaborate but ran out of time.
Written On: June 18th [45 minutes]
Last Edited: July 10th [30 minutes]
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