[The Story] Fasten Your Seatbelts

The Summer Arc of “The Story” is bookended by two major traveling events. The first trip ends the Adolescence Arc with Trishna’s family driving to pick up John; the second trip preambles the College Arc with a week-long flight to Sindia to visit family. This flight is also the first time John has ever flown. It will be quite the adventure, indeed, for an unlucky kid from Lanada to fasten into a more successful life.

Spoilers?: Minor (characters experiencing air-travel)

John had studied geography, sure.

But he’d never seen the landscapes through the small window of a Sneaker Jet. There is a certain awesomeness that comes from seeing life from a different angle, and for John, it’s a completely different angle. Trishna’s family will usually fly out yearly to visit family.

Trading off between Sindia and Direland.

John will be awestruck from seeing the views of the city, plains, mountains, and the vastlessness of the ocean that separates Eville and Lanada from Direland. Trishna has seen it many times, but watching John’s awe inspires a new sense of adventure in her and they spend the first part of their flight pointing out little details.

Then they see the ocean!

First, little wisps of clouds punctuating the sea, then larger clouds, “like white cotton candy!” I imagine Trishna might get more excited as John points out little details like a thin light blue line splitting the white clouds above the darker blue waters and the gray skies above.

They might later sink into a movie.

It’ll either be one with a monitor built into the seat in front of them or on a laptop of some sort, either provided by the airline or one they brought along, and they’ll listen with shared earbuds. The movie might be fun or romantic. Halfway through their flight and just before the second act, they’ll receive their in-flight meal.

Probably some underwhelming snack.

Still, John will have an enjoyable first-time flight, and even with the takeoff turbulence and mid-flight shakes, it will still be more fun for him than anxious. When I go to write this section properly, it will be in a few more years, and I imagine I will have flown more than these two times.

Half of it is what John and Trishna tell me.

If they reveal their adventures to me, like flying to Sindia, then I can study more about flying, Sindia’s inspiration: India, and everything that would make that week of travel pop. The other half is my own personal experiences, whether flying, meeting people, or just getting outside and exploring the world beyond my computer.

I think it’s about fastening into key scenes.

That moment where, mid-flight, you stare listlessly out the airplane window, realizing that you’re doing something that was once considered impossible? Or that moment when you land in a new time zone, culture, and maybe even frame of reference? Tying the ubiquitous to the unique is the trick to storytelling.

Because those moments are… fascinating.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: My first flight in a few years.
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