[The Story] Formal Wheelchair Dancing

“We could make a dancing game![1]” “Yeah, with a character in a wheelchair, too![2]” It wasn’t so much a look of incredulity as much as the confusion that washed over his face before we changed topics; we later returned to the idea. Like everything in life, without contextual applicability, there is dismissal at worst or curiosity at best. In “The Story,” John hadn’t thought much about dancing until Trishna brings up her interest in trying…

Spoilers?: Minor (brainstorming character interests)

Trying out wheelchair dancing!

First, though, what is Trishna’s level of interest with dressing up formally or trying wheelchair dancing? Is this a primary or secondary motivation? Has she heard of this sport before? Relatedly, is this interest a reaction to not finding anyone to go to her high school prom? She’s not the easily discouraged type…

…and John is the enabling type.

In every scene that plays in The Story’s Imaginarium where John and Trishna interact, all he wants is for Trishna to be happy. If she wants to try something new, particularly something he hasn’t considered before, he’ll always give it a try. I’m sure there are boundaries to this, but I imagine they’re few.

Probably just what’s harmful or dangerous.

Otherwise, for someone like John, who grew up with nothing and didn’t have many opportunities, he would gladly enable Trishna to live out some of her own imaginative adventures, whether they’re small like trying out formal dancing or large like trying out seemingly impossible things.

Let’s loop back to the formal dress.

Trishna is more of a traditional feminine girl with strong feminist and interpersonal morals. She has always dreamed of a big wedding and is unwilling to compromise on certain aspects of that dream. She might also secretly want someone to pamper her… just a little.

In certain respects…

When Trishna originally started talking with John online, she saw in him someone that would treat her as an equal and with an enormous respect. Likewise, and perhaps even more so, he enjoyed their conversations, so they started developing shared interests.

Could that include wheelchair dancing?

Trishna’s primary hobby is gardening, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have other interests. Maybe she couldn’t try dancing until they meet, went to college, and through the Accessibility Rights Club, joined a club specifically focused on dancing? Or maybe she never knew about it? It’s not a widely-advertised sport, I suppose.

That’s one of my goals with “The Story.”

I don’t want to tell the same stories about the same cliché characters. When John and Trishna revealed their physical impairments to me during brainstorming years ago, I was excited! It’s been an opportunity to learn more about life outside my bubble and popular culture.

Why do only what’s safe and comfortable?

Life is an adventure taken at your own pace. The more you get out and try stuff, the better of a person you can become. The only limits are your imagination.

Why not make something entirely new and inclusive?

Quotes: [1] Friend. [2] Me. We may still make this game someday. I just need to learn more programming tolerances and we need to draft this up sometime. We’ll see…
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: Consider this a part two to “Attending the Symphony.”
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Written On: September 24th [1 hour]
Last Edited: October 31st [1 hour] – Honestly, the previous draft was an incoherent, wordy mess. Nothing flowed well. I rewrote paragraphs and it’s still not great, but, sometimes we just do what we can with what we’ve got. No need to dwell.
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