[The Story] Fossils of Cultural Dinosaurs

We must follow sometimes cultural norms and other times forge our own paths. When do we decide between the two? I’ve always been guided by the path that yields the better results for my goals and aspirations. If I see the fossils of some failed beast, I steer clear, otherwise I’ll proceed toward a thriving dinosaur of wonder. How about Trishna and John? How much of “The Story” balances writing norms and blazing new trails?

Spoiler Warning Scale: Minor (planning, brainstorming)

It takes courage to go your own way.

Most people in life go the path of least resistance. Take the easy way out. Why “unnecessarily” create friction in your life? What if that life you’re floating into isn’t one that you can be happy living in? I’ve been there. I had the traditionally-successful career, yet I was completely unsatisfied with where my life was going. In generation’s past, I would have had to accept that perceived mediocrity and retire with a life not-fully-lived. Maybe I could have found the excuses to let me sleep well at life.

I – we – they don’t have to live with our excuses and regrets.

Trishna grew up in a loving family that only wanted the best for her. They provided tools to enable her independence, courage, and the freedom to decide what life would make her the happiest. She faced ridicule, as we all did, in compulsory education. John didn’t receive the same fair lot in life, but he forged his own tools of independence and courage. Their friendship was founded upon their mutual drive to eek out a good life, while realizing they feel the most comfortable around each other.

Comfort is an interesting concept because it’s a positive/negative duality.

While it’s useful to have reliable writing tools, for example, remaining comfortable with your writing tools also makes you stagnant. If I write in this sentence-paragraph-sentence structure, with sentences with usually two commas, that’s comfortable. Comfort prevents growth. Remaining within comfortable patterns can be useful except that might mean the potential of not developing better patterns. It’s all about comfortable experimentation. No use destroying everything for potential comfort!

I’m intentionally disregard comfortable writing norms writing “The Story.”

Telling the story of Trishna and John requires getting in their fictional heads. There might be stories like this, however I’m not concerned with extensive research. If I find these stories along the way, sure, I’ll read them, otherwise, throwing them into hypotheticals, and writing about the results, should be the most effective way to understand these characters. I have no real interest in following tradition. If writing norms are effective, I’ll use them, otherwise I don’t have time for them.

That’s how I see the personalities of John and Trishna as well.

They do what’s optimal to achieve their goals of living well and making a positive contribution to society. If going to college for a decent education now will make their future easier, they’ll do it.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t waste time with cultural fossils.


Sources: My personal experiences.

Quotes: None

Inspirations: Buying some chintzy capsule toys for story ideas. A long drive helped me brainstorm the title and content: some personality exploration, but mainly exploring how I’m planning to write “The Story.” While not as substantial as it could have been, I believe this essay is another step toward my dreams, so if some of these essays are more trivial than others, I do not apologize.

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Photo: All efforts to upscale the dinosaur failed. Instead of looking up at some fossils, or leaving empty space… the logo seemed to fit well enough!

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