[The Story] Frequenting Zbigniew’s Teriyaki

If my ambitions for “The Story” include comprehensive commentaries on the nature of our reality, how much nuance should go into those commentaries? A thoroughly-built restaurant might evoke patron conversations idly chatting over the fine flatware or reveal restaurateuring price negotiations for finer flatware. The narrative should always guide the focus. It’d waste your time and my effort if Trishna (left) and John (right) only visited Zbigniew’s (center) Teriyaki once. But if they go frequently…?

Spoilers?: Minor (worldbuilding, character development)

The inspiration for this location began with “Their First Date.”

Between writing that update and now, I wondered where John and Trishna would go dating. Trishna’s older sister Sammohini would recommend a humble restaurant just outside of downtown Eville for their first date night because it’d be a cozy, wheelchair-accessible restaurant. They’d have a good time and enjoy the food. They would go to other restaurants, each necessitating a call from John to confirm their wheelchair-accessibility, leading to conflicts where that was not entirely true. After some uncomfortable failures, they may just prefer going to Zbigniew’s Teriyaki for their weekly date night.

Now there’s both narrative and writing purpose for this location.

Along with having physical pieces, this set – a sort of mind palace, or more aptly, a mind restaurant – can have mental pieces reviewing certain aesthetics and commentaries of any restaurant I visit. Instead of wasting idle seconds on my smartphone, distracting myself from reality, I can actively engage with the décor, staff, or any other nuances to build “The Story.” Though it may have seemed inane stating that directly, it ties directly into my thoughts on how much effort you put into your goals: if you have a goal, how much time have you spent on it today? When will you find the time this week?

Anyways, creating Zbigniew’s Teriyaki enabled a key breakthrough.

Sammohini’s story arc is focused on careers. Though there are many types of careers, I mainly focused on two specific situations with Sammohini and Jane on Mondays. Balancing them with Ładnya, the oldest daughter of the teriyaki place, can provide a healthy balance and possibly a career archetype trifecta? All three childhood friends have career aspirations necessitating certain sacrifices, such as time or quality of life through enduring constant stress, in exchange for more money or more time. I’ll explore these nuances more fully. Not everyone chases after money or comfort in their careers.

Let me conclude with some thoughts on writing.

I don’t believe in throwing myself into non-viable products. If I were to take off six months from my career to write a draft that could become “The Story,” I could succeed. More likely, as I learned with the summer I spent writing References, I won’t. Each short story and update is another microcosmic attempt of that summer’s effort. I’ll keep brainstorming until I’m consciously confident I can write “The Story,” in however many years it takes, exactly as it needs to be told.

Until then, I’ll also frequent Zbigniew’s Teriyaki… subconsciously.

Quotes: None
Sources: IDKFA came up with the name, giving me a springboard to work from, stating: “Zbigniew’s Teriyaki is actually owned by a Japanese guy who has never been to Poland.” Further brainstorming: Zbigniew is his chosen name because no one could pronounce his given name.

Collector provided casual Polish pronunciation advice. Blame me for the crazy names.

– Husband: Zbigniew [Zbig-nee-ev/Zbeg-nyef]
– Wife: Ślicznya [Sheech-nya]
– Daughter 1: Ładnya [Wad-nya]
– Daughter 2: Miłya [Mee-wya]
– Son: Silnywź [Shee-note/Shee-nifzh]

The Japanese names were absurdist Google Translate items:
– Husband: Chikaradzuyoi [Chi-ka-rah-d’zoo-yo-e, Mighty]
– Wife: Utsukushii [Ooo-t’sue-coup-she-e, Lovely]
– Daughter 1: Kanari [Ka-nah-ree, Pretty]
– Daughter 2: Umai [Ooo-mah-ee, Good/Nice]
– Son: Tsuyoi [T’sue-yo-ee, Strong]

Family Name: Atsumeruhito [Collecting-Person]

Inspirations: Brainstorming recurring locations.
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Above: Set dressings for the restaurant. Since Zbigniew’s minifig is copied entirely from a pre-built character, the LEGO Ninjago Sushi Chef, I will eventually do some modifications. The tables and chairs were made from the LEGO figure-stands included with blind-bagged minifigures. The orange tray is from a recent wave.
Below:  Gratiutious flash to create restaurant mood lighting. With more consideration, I could have made it work, but for now, it’s just a fun experiment.
Written On: May 28th, 29th
Last Edited: May 29th

My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.