[The Story] “Hey Mother, Father…”

This scene popped in my head, almost fully realized. Small glimpses into “The Story” frequently say hello, moments where Trishna (left) might interact with someone or I might wonder how she or John (not pictured) might overcome certain situations, yet rarely are these daydream moments so powerful as this scene was on Tuesday. Let’s explore one of the more foundational moments of The Story: a conversation between Trishna and her parents, Divit (middle) and Brigit.

Spoiler Warning Scale: Minor (building a crucial pre-narrative beginning scene)

To establish this scene, Trishna is the main female character of “The Story.”

She is outgoing and curious about the world around her, yet ostracized by students at school, so mostly she stays at home reading books or researching on her computer. After reading “The Post,” which is an opinion piece written by the main male character, John, Trishna reaches out to John and they begin chatting online. They bonded quickly over shared life experiences and they’ve become close friends.

Trishna asks her parents for advice because this is all new territory:

“Hey Mother, Father… there’s… well, a boy I like.”

“Oh! That’s great news, honey! Is he in one of your classes? Someone we know?”

Trishna glanced around her bedroom for the words she had recited all day.
“Actually… that’s the thing. I’ve been talking with him on the computer.”
Her face felt warm. She smiled a little to cover up the surge of emotions.

“Oh. We’re still happy to hear, honey. What’s his name? Do you have a picture?”

“His name is John. He sent me a photo from his yearbook. I think he’s… I like how he looks. We’ve been writing back and forth for a few weeks now and I really feel… uhh… well… I…”

“Can we read these writing, Little Lotus?”

“Sure! I wanted to show you both. Our conversations are here on my computer.”

The introductory text is a bit misleading.

The broad strokes of the scene popped into my head anchored by that quote “Hey Mother, Father…” I had to fill in the language blanks, which is, admittedly, the fun part about writing for me. I still feel, though, like writing is more like guesswork than an intuitive medium summoning the idea into execution, so I’ll keep on working at my writing.

Until then, let’s rewind a step.

I began developing Divit and Brigit back in January. I borrowed their names from a middle school short story, Dwight and Bridget, about this place probably called Bear Claw Cave. Maybe they were the prototypes for John and Trishna? I borrowed a reoccurring scene of two people meeting by chance, and I imagined they quickly resonating and fell in love.

They might have some initial hesitation over “computer friends.”

Until they mutually recall how they met. How Divit summoned all of his courage to talk to this pretty woman. How Brigit admired his bravery. How quickly they knew they were right for each other.

Then they just want to help.

My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. Let's strive to be better everyday. (Avatar)