[The Story] Holidays at Lanchesters

The Story,” my ambitious project that permeates everything I do, has holidays similar to modern Americana. Let’s consider their biggest winter holiday: most everyone in Trishna’s extended family meets at her parents’s place, the Lanchester farm, for a day or so of festivities and socializing. This is also John’s first holiday with the family, and perhaps first big holiday gathering, since his childhood years were spent neglected or ignored. Let’s focus on the positive festivities:

Spoiler Warning Scale: Minor (first year narrative and world building)

Trishna’s parents, Divit and Brigit, are from vastly different cultures. They both rejected their heritages, in favor of a mutual culture favoring inclusivity and inclusion.

Big Family Lunch
Most of the family attend. Trishna and John arrived early, since they successfully completed their first quarter of college and have an extended vacation before returning to college. Some aunts and uncles with their children attend, while other relatives might have their own family gatherings or businesses to maintain. The holiday might allow for most to have three or four days off, so they start off early with a lunch, followed by socializing at length.

Trishna’s Sisters
Her oldest sister, Sam [note: full name explored later; probably Sam from the Sam and Jane stories], had a baby a few months earlier. Trishna was an ecstatic aunt since she interested in having children of her own from a young age. Trishna’s niece easily became comfortable around her, maybe because her mom was nearby or maybe because Trishna is a naturally warm person, so she was more interested in seeing the big doggie Pollyanna.

Her older sister, whose name will be explored in full later, also has a service dog like Pollyanna to aid with her vision impairment. Her service dog might be more serious than the silly yet dutiful Pollyanna. She’s home from the holidays with her husband and might be a data analyst.

Overall, the three sisters have a good dynamic and rapport. They share similar interests in music, with Sam being a concert chaperone for Trishna, and later also John. The sisters typically gravitate toward each other within larger family dynamics.

Trishna’s Brothers
Two aren’t able to attend. Fearghal, Trishna’s third oldest brother, quickly became friends with John if they didn’t already meet. He’s ecstatic that Trishna found someone to treat her well, and establishes solid common ground as a naturally outgoing person, so they become good friends.

After socializing with others in the house or within the larger family dynamic, they might join Divit out in the garage to work on a vehicle. Fearghal probably just concluded his two-year general studies and went onto a trade that interests him more than serious academic work. He might be the one to help John find similar work to match his interests, or at the least, help him become more outgoing as well.

John has a great time. Everyone in Trishna’s family likes John. He easily finds his place within the family dynamics, so it’s a successful festivity.

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