[The Story] Incubating The Scene

Like a brainstorming incubus pinning me down when I am in a half-dazed stupor, many scenes from “The Story” will appear as vestiges of memories appearing more vivid than many memories I’ve actually experienced. I’ve never experienced anything quite like what happened here to John, right, in a pneumonia-induced daze, with Trishna desperately trying to keep him warm. I just know that when I’m in that half-dazed slumber, this memory or scene will often appear:

Spoilers?: “Minor” (pre-narrative scene building)

This moment is during “The Scene.”

“The Scene” most likely introduces “The Story” because it has a reasonable three-act structure. Setup: John and Trishna have been friends for many years online but have never met in person. Conflict: John gets into trouble and calls upon Trishna, wherein, they go pick him up. Resolution: John makes a full recovery and they start a relationship.

Seeing any other essay implies this story.

The supposed memory I have most frequently is on their journey back. During the three hours it takes Trishna’s family to pick up John from the payphone on the edge of town and their arrival, John is knocked out by heavy rains. He had just been beaten up fairly badly, has a history of malnutrition, so his body has shut down.

Sometimes, they find a doctor at a gas station.

In a more likely scenario, Trishna’s dad and brother stop at a gas station to ask for help, and the gas station attendant calls a local physician for treatment. Or maybe they make it back to the family farm? Those details are foggy, but what isn’t is this moment: John out cold and Trishna holding onto his left hand. “He won’t do anything bad.[1]”

She already trusts him. We do too, through the narrative.

Sometimes there are awkward moments within these memories, where she, as a curious teenager, might linger on feelings hormonal. Mostly, though, she is just clinging to her dearest friend. They exchanged years of vulnerable secrets, laughs, tears, and now he lays in terrible shape with barely a heartbeat. She is terrified of his condition.

Yet happy to finally meet him.

In these memories, John will usually wake up by mid-afternoon, with Trishna remaining by his side except maybe for one quick bathroom break. I don’t know how realistic, likely, or possible all this is, which is why I haven’t written it formally yet. Being informed by truth would enable me to write the timeline accurately for an external story.

In my head, with all conveniences, it’s usually mid-afternoon.

There’s also the matter of incubating my writing abilities until I’m able to coherently write fiction. Nonfiction opinion pieces are easy for me because I can just state my thoughts like I am now, but writing fiction in-universe is harder for me. Part of it is getting into that fantasy world and conveying it accurately.

How can I sufficiently exorcise these memories?

Writing daily helps.
Practicing returning and recalling these memories helps.

Trying to forget them doesn’t help.

Quotes: [1] Trishna, in response to either a family member or the nurse, when asked about why she’s sleeping next to John instead of in another bed.
Sources: My imagination…?
Inspirations: I’m still coming up with hypothetical situations, but I’m also starting to practice just letting my imagination wander to “The Story,” and then I’ll just write about what floated through my imagination. “Shave and Bathe” is another example hitting many of these same points… oops. Guess I’m not concise.
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Written On: June 1st
Last Edited: June 1st
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