[The Story] Industry and Comfort

Let’s continue the worldbuilding from last week’s brainstorming update to “The Story” with how manufacturing in Trishna (left) and John’s world might look. Their world doesn’t stray too far from reality. Most of the same comforts are generated from industries, meaning the hardest labor work is automated, and it’s fairly easy to live a decent life. Maybe not luxurious, though in comparison to famine and disease? Could be much worse. Let’s explore in more detail.

Spoiler Warning Scale: Minor (specific location details about their world)

“The Story” has three major areas: Eville, The Lanchester Farm, and where John lived.

Eville is analogous to my big city, with inspiration from every major metropolitan. Eville (colloquially, “Ee-ville,” otherwise closer to Neville) started as a fishing town and shipping port. The rough structure is: Businesses along the water will focus on tourism, shipping, and manufacturing. Within the city limits will mainly consist of larger businesses. Further out might be universities and suburbs. It’s busy, somewhat expensive, yet reasonable. Crime is low, transportation is cheap, and everyone lives good lives because businesses have brought in money and resources.

About one hour away is where Trishna’s family farm is located.

The Lanchester Farm is surrounded by farmland. Land is cheap. There are healthy resources available for everyone. Farmers are able to sell their goods and make reasonable livings. Machinery is cheap and able to take the worst labors out of farming. Most of the cities in this area have a hometown feel where they’re warm and inviting to their friends and family, yet judgemental toward strangers. Compared to Eville, where everyone is welcome as long as you bring value, there is minor intolerance in this area. However, it’s nothing compared to John’s hometowns.

About three hours away is where John lived prior to “the scene.”

This area doesn’t have a formal name yet. It’s a dry, desert plateau. Land is essentially free because there’s little fertile land and the commerce in the area isn’t great. Life is rough. There may be some farming or basic agriculture for people to sustain themselves. Otherwise, this area might just be a pitstop for people traveling by land between Eville and other parts of the continent. I have yet to even casually design the rest of their continent or world other than deciding it’d be similar to our own.

“The Story” will therefore include commentary or critique of our world.

Are we going in a good direction as a society? Will everyone be able to live comfortably if they decide to work for it? Are we balancing acceptance with softness – where we accept everyone without accepting every silly argument? Could we be more accommodating to people that we perceive as different than us? Are we able to make sustainable progress both for humanity and nature? Will it be possible for Trishna and John to start a family in this indifferent world analogized of Earth?

Truth is: I’m rooting for them. I’m just not sure where their story will go.

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