[The Story] In Ten Years IV

In ten years, will these minifigures from “The Story” be sold in mass production like M.U.S.C.L.E. minifigures or Stranger Things toys? While not for financial or egotistical reasons, is that sort of widespread appeal possible for main characters John (left) and Trishna (right)? That ambition involves writing the best story I can, while also figuring out the right angle to get people to become interested in reading an ambitious novel. Will it happen? …In 20 years?

Spoiler Warning Scale: None (Mainly musing? Maybe more…?)

Novels aren’t really that popular now, it seems.

A Song of Fire and Ice is popular now, perhaps only because of the television series Game of Thrones? Is it popular only because of gratuitous violence and displays of social manipulation? Is Stranger Things only popular because it’s a bite-sized narrative?

Is that what I want after telling “The Story?”

I mean, sure, it’d be nice to have these stories relaying the realities of 90s through 10s culture, everything from job hunting to technology to psychology to life with visible and invisible disabilities, and see them become massively popular.

The mass production would become the validation.

“The Story” will become a product like any other. It’s a dirty thing to say a creative work is a product, yes, yet that’s also part of the stigma that needs to be disassociated from creative works. The artist must eat and pay bills just like the football player.

Why is it OK to massively overpay one and not the other?

Maybe it’s the spectacle of athletics? To mess with some uppity people on Wednesday, I said: “oh, that’s cool, so the Super Bowl is taking place on Saturday or Sunday or whenever?” You’d think I just told them to go fuck themselves. I probably did subconsciously.

Maybe in ten years, livestreaming of writing will become a thing?

It’s easy to conceptualize with eSports and speedrunners. Viewers can visually see seemingly-impossible feats and be amazed at the show of skill. Artists and musicians do currently livestream themselves creating things for smaller audiences.

Maybe livestreaming setting up lightbox shots will be common in 2028?

Maybe I’ll livestream writing “The Story” when I’m ready to write it? Maybe others will have already started to do the same with their literature? After all, do we really just watch football for the physical visceral of people interacting with balls?

It’s fun to consider exaggerating our past and present to create our future.

How cool would it have been to watch Hunter S. Thompson write? Even if his persona was part performance, the quality of his writing remains to the point where Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 is only dated because of names and minor verbiage.

To watch a maniac like that write those articles would have been astounding.

Not everyone wants to get out there and do the next big thing. I still think it’d be nice having the option of watching people livestream stuff they dig. Maybe that’s why I dig showing behind-the-scenes shots?

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