[The Story] Meeting Their Heroes

They say meeting your heroes is a terrible thing because of over-expectation. Stumbling through my words and thoughts, I gained artistic context and overcame shyness from meeting some of my “heroes.” How about John (center-right) and Trishna (center-left)? Do they even have celebrity figures they admire? Let’s take a psychological detour for this week’s update to “The Story” and consider how respect for authority, ambitions, and the drive to emulate, create, or procrastinate inspires idolization.

Spoiler Warning Scale: Minor (possible scene ideas)

We typically admire those in roles we want.

Trishna first hears about John through a post he writes on a message board, forum, or maybe bulletin board system. The post will be a detailed argument about a videogame they both like. Trishna likes how he wrote that and other posts so she reaches out as a fan and they become friends. Is that respect, hero-worship, or merely a meritocratic encounter? Or is it only with famous people?

They’ll probably meet some of their favorite bands.

It’s fairly common for bands that don’t sell out massive venues. If it’s some dive bar, they’ll probably be selling merchandise, if not, there are plenty of backstage pass opportunities. Trishna and John will go to shows at first with her oldest sister Sam and perhaps with her oldest brother Fearghal. Trishna cuts her hair, just before their first date, to look like one of her favorite singers.

Trishna would certainly have more “heroes.”

Trishna would be more likely to admire the talents of others than John. Other than some select works and people, he probably would be less interested in fancy things, taking mainly an interest in things that might improve his approach to reality. She might enjoy it all, interested in soaking in any new experience that might come up. Together, though, they have many common interests.

John might only respect two or three celebrities.

John’s worldview is more skewed toward seeing the negatives in people and society. He’d been let down by all of the families that took him in, seen authority figures yielding to their base desires instead of aspiring toward justice, and other than his mentoring teacher Mr. Ebersole, had no friendly encounters with anyone until meeting Trishna. So for John, respect is earned and not assumed.

Still, there are more good people out there than bad.

There will be more than a handful of encounters where John will meet someone for the first time, having practiced his best to attempt to shake with his right hand as most people would, only for them to instead extend out their left hand out of respect. There’s something to be said for that personable aspect, especially after you see someone’s flaws, and see that they’re trying to be nice.

Trishna the optimist and John the cynic will each other average out.

They’ll find mutual people to respect in hardworking people that don’t take shortcuts, unless necessary, and aim to be the positive in the world that they see is needed.

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Inspirations: Meeting some bands and the person whose efforts got me interested in writing

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