[The Story] Mother’s Day Moments

Mother’s Day for the Lanchester family is an important celebration. Like Father’s Day, and everyone’s birthday, it’s more than just an excuse for Trishna (left) to take photos of her newborn niece Alejandría (“Allie Pally”). It’s a time to reconnect, fortify long-term goals, work through any lingering problems that might need attention, and celebrate the matriarchal side of the family. Let’s explore how Mother’s Days might feel in the first few years of “The Story.”

Spoiler Warning Scale: Minor (hypotheticals, character development)

Everyone is entertained by the silly Allie Pally.

Either through occasional narrative self-awareness or just naturally innocent charm, she always finds a way to be amusing. Trishna is particularly enamoured by her because she always wanted to have a family of her own. She and John (background, left) will sometimes babysit, not just so her sister Sammohini (center) can have a few hours off, but maybe so they can practice. John hadn’t really considered having a family to be a possibility, since they were both mostly loners in compulsory school, and might warm up having children through the various family gatherings.

Allie Pally is the first baby John had ever seen, after all.

Maybe this photo – where Trishna, “Sam,” with their mom Brigit, are playing with her – was taken ‘in-universe’ moments before the equally precocious Pollyanna does something amusing? Maybe sneak in to get a kiss or maybe she pets the aging service dog? Maybe Sammohini’s husband Samuel is taking this photo? Maybe it’s in this moment or on this particular occasion that John, talking and cooking dinner with Trishna’s dad Divit off in the distance, decides that he does want to become a father himself? Maybe it’s just an inconsequentially spontaneous family photo?

Family photos and curated albums are important for the family.

Especially for Brigit, since photography is her main hobby, so Brigit encourages the family to take photos as often as possible. It’s a hobby or habit that Trishna and maybe Fearghal picked up. Bridgit will later curate the photos into albums full* of the best shots, and make collages with the outtakes. The photographs are primarily candid scenes, like what’s shown above, with one formal portrait at each major get-together. If it’s not a more frequent occurrence, then Mother’s Day might be the particular day when the family go through the albums and reminisce.

Otherwise, Mother’s Day is fairly easy-going.

The primary tradition is that ‘the girls’ go out for a few hours, either wandering around the farm taking photos if the weather is nice otherwise perhaps out for a road trip, while ‘the boys’ watch after Allie Pally and cook dinner. After dinner, they might make scrapbooks for the family photo “archives,” Divit might play music (his main hobby) while everyone else sings along, or maybe both? As a newcomer to the family, John might initially try to soak in individual moments, but quickly fits right in because every Lanchester get-together would be nice and inviting.

Overall: slightly idyllic, mostly calm, and uneventful.

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Inspirations: Scheduling and timing worked out well.

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Photo: * Lightbox photos like this require multiple shots. If this photo were ‘taken in-universe,’ that could justify photo dumps of interesting outtakes? Maybe once “The Story” gets rolling, I could use these photos to build ‘family albums’? That is unless I find an artist that could do that for me, since while it can be good brainstorming time to arrange these minifigs in a particular way, if I can just describe the event and have someone else create the visual, then I can spend more time writing…

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