[The Story] What’s The Motivation?

I’m sore. I’d rather be in bed. I’ll get around to it later. No! In this week’s brainstorming update to The Story, let’s consider the motivations of Trishna (seated, below) and John. Who’ll stop them? What compels John to fight for what he believes in through the couple’s adversities? Where do they break? When do they give up? Why does Trishna struggle through her limited mobility to stand so often? How often do they fight?

Trishna’s Driving Motivations
Being born with impairments isn’t an excuse. Trishna isn’t content merely watching her family cook, garden or play sports. That nurturing atmosphere was partial impetus, solidifying her external motivation through foot and spine issues to fight against those telling her “you can’t,” along with strengthening her internal motivation to not be held back by trivial reasons. She’s bold, assertive, won’t back down at severe disrespect, and forged the self-confidence to pursue a bigger life purpose.

John’s Driving Motivations
Being inflicted with impairments isn’t an excuse, either. John was thrown into many terrible situations growing up. That abusive atmosphere was partial impetus, solidifying his external motivation through his missing fingers and physical scars to fight against injustices, along with strengthening his internal motivation to enable others to “live autonomously!” He’s similar in personality, with maybe some nuance differences in speed or assertion, and also forged the self-motivation to pursue their mutually beneficial collaborative purpose.

The Couple’s Motivation
Trishna was picked on by everyone because they thought she couldn’t do anything because she’s mostly wheelchair-bound. John was picked on by everyone for constantly being the weird new kid, pushed from one violent home and reservation to the next. They share the same views on external oppression by others, internal motivation to inspire others, and the overall sense that life could be better with some changes to the framework of governments, companies, and entertainment.

The Story’s Motivation
Most popular stories with characters that only have minor flaws are trivial. They follow the same beats, just like bands that don’t contribute anything noteworthy, or companies that don’t try to make a difference to this ailing planet. Lowest common denominator narratives are easier to collectively consume. What’s the point? Money? Temporary popularity? I’m motivated by the idea of consuming everything, learning from good form, studying how to avoid bad form, and delivering something better.

Keeping Up Motivation
These characters seem almost supernaturally motivated. Maybe? Motivation, for me, doesn’t happen naturally. I have to coax it. My motivation is seduced by coffee, my writing album Symphony and Metallica, and knowing that I must – not should – do this work. This narrative, these characters, probably aren’t my sole life purpose. Once they’re on the books, maybe I’ll find that. If you struggle with motivation, ask yourself: what sort of life do you want to live?

Other Motivational Thoughts
Everything requires sacrifices. I sacrificed a few hours to write this. You sacrificed a few minutes to read this. Thank you.

If there’s anything you want, now’s the time. Go get it!

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