[The Story] Notes About Dogs

I can envision the final scene of the Pollyanna Arc of “The Story” so clearly in my mind. Everything from the white linoleum tiles to the characters. It’s just there are hurdles to address. Primarily, an ending requires a story to precede it, the skill of which I am not yet confident I can write. Secondarily, the world of John [left] and Trishna [right] are not “there” yet. Tertiarily… let’s back up a few steps.

Spoilers?: Minor (brainstorming, worldbuilding, character-building)

“Dogs. French bulldog; big dog in small car. Corgis. Pollyanna Arc[1]”

These were my notes to self this morning as I walked the city streets on my way to work. I think rather than write about big topics, I’ll comment on the thoughts that pop into my head related to “The Story.” When I see dogs, especially big shepherd dogs with slightly goofy faces, like they’re visiting the city for the first time and really soaking in every smell it has to offer, I’ll sometimes think of Pollyanna.

Well, after being reminded of my childhood dogPatrick.

Pollyanna is by all accounts an average dog. She is playful, fun, and loyal. She has the training to help out Trishna as a service and mobility dog. She may also have 4th-wall breaking moments because there’s a certain absurdity to the whole idea that I just really want to explore a whole story arc from the perspective of a dog. It seems like a fun exercise in limited vocabulary writing.

Plus, dogs, in general, are just fun.

The closer I got to work, the more I let this idea flourish, because after all, what else was I going to think about? Work? The big realization was that I haven’t had a dog for over twelve years now. Patrick’s been gone that long… So rather than just rely on those memories from my childhood and early adulthood to fuel a story about dogs, I should, at some point in the next few years, adopt.

Not just for “The Story,” of course.

But the thing about writing this set of stories is that it shows me where the inherent weaknesses in my psyche are because I can write about what I know or understand all day long, but those moments that I don’t know, remember, or quite remember? Those are the moments that I should try to experience to have a more well-rounded life. Not every moment like that is valuable, but to be more empathetic toward fellow dog lovers, and to write Pollyanna better, it might be useful.

That sounds terribly calculating.
It’s just idle brainstorming exercised to a logical conclusion.

Here’s the thing about “The Story:” it’s partially filling in the gaps in my experiences. I’ve experienced a life unique to me, similar to everyone, but writing about the well-rounded lives of two fictional characters and their dog, will require me to proximally encounter more people and dogs.

Through preparing for “The Story,” I’m figuring out what I’m missing.
Dogs are fun.

Quotes: [1] Explained in-line.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium. Experiences with dogs.
Inspirations: Additionally, I’ve been considering how some of the updates to “The Story” have been too high-concept.
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Photo: A photo of Patrick with other dog items to give the shot some flavor.
Written On: July 30th [45 minutes], 31st [15 minutes]
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