[The Story] Programming New Opportunties

Our only limitation is our willingness to tolerate adversity toward achieving new opportunities. If something is difficult, but we see it as a necessary step, we’ll do it. If not, we won’t. Most characters in “The Story” have some ambition. It’s the varying degrees of how much adversity they’re willing to tolerate that makes it interesting. John [left] and Trishna [right] have higher thresholds for tolerating adversity to achieve opportunities than, say, Sammohini or Jane.

Spoilers?: Minor (character personality explorations)

That’s not necessarily always a bad thing.

Too many ambitious Type-A personalities in one area might lead to conflicts, whether professional or personal, or can exhaust Type-B personalities. For my characters, I tend not to start them out with rigid personality types or characteristics. If Sammohini has lingering insecurities, it should be drawn out from her interactions with others, rather than me directly stating those insecurities. If Jane is quiet, why? If she suddenly states an almost rude quip, what is the seething rage underneath the surface that she dulls to operate in polite society?

Sometimes, the other way works, too.

John’s friends, Float and Quest, are both two friends that ran with a bad crowd, got into trouble, and nearly had their lives irredeemably inconvenienced. By the time they get into college and meet John and Trishna, they’re ready to start life anew. Depending on how circumstances arise in my own professional life, mainly if I apply myself toward seriously learning programming basics to help with Blah Blah, then, running with the idea of the Sammohini Arc being a commentary on tech support, will there be a Float/Quest Arc for programming?

Seems like it could be possible.

The next few months will be the true test. Assuming that programming is an opportunity I can start learning in an environment where the headaches I’ll normally receive through thinking too much over bits of code are minimal, I could see applying these basic techniques to two characters learning how to turn their lives around. Both could become programmers. However, if I find the experience to be too overwhelming, I probably will not go down this path, and these characters will hang out for a bit longer in my subconscious until I try a different trade.

Who knows what that will be?

I do know that PAX SIX was such a positive experience for me that it really helped me reassess my mess. It’s not every day you can chat with myriad people and get excited over something that, while you didn’t immediately contribute to, you will. It’s that sort of sensation that might make the drudgery of learning to program worthwhile, along with having a place for it. Maybe Quest can’t understand programming and gives up? Maybe Float sees it as his way out of a bad spot? I do know that I began brainstorming their names:

Chris “Float” Newman and Chris “Quest” Nędza.

At least currently…

They, “The Story’s” title, and everything could change with a new opportunity. We’ll see…

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