[The Story] Reading Then Writing

Continuing last week’s brainstorming update to The Story, let’s muse on the reading habits of the main characters John and Trishna, along with how their reading material might affect their writing and maybe even actions. Once the narrative structure takes shape, then these character hypotheticals will be thoroughly marked should there be any spoilers, and please note that any major details within could change. The after-jump details are merely good framing devices to get The Story going.

John’s Reading Background
His many foster parents weren’t in the picture, so outside of formal education reading Gatsby, Old Man and the Sea, Tom Sawyer, and Huckleberry Finn, or maybe relabeled titles of similar scope depending on how close to reality the narrative will become, he learned to appreciate reading on his own hiding out in libraries. The Art of War could be a good starting point along with Nietzsche. After jumping online, in part to chat with Trishna, he interacted on forums and news article comment sections.

Trishna’s Reading Background
Her parents were well educated or at least were educated hippies. Her dad read dense historical narratives and actively participated in politics, though maybe not in debates. Her mom could be a teacher, or at least was encouraging to Trishna to learn more about the world, her heritage, and developing practical skills to adapt to the world. Trishna actively read books until she started going online frequently, then shifted gears away from paper to reading forum posts, news articles, and other materials online.

John’s The Post
The Post is the defining story anchor and from a previous brainstorming session might be a forum discussion calling to arms the inclusivity of more videogames. It inspired Trishna to chat with John, so it has to be a well written argument, and not abrasive or angsty enough for the daughter of educated hippies to ignore.

Trishna’s Short Story
Written between The Post and when they meet, this frame story takes place on a grassy planet, Akin, with a young boy that plays a guitar accompanied by a large robot. It might have started as an assignment for school that won her an award. Actually, yes, and would be refined while chatting with John either for hobby or a likely legitimate college scholarship opportunity?

Collaborating on Writing
Trishna and John frequently swap off on writing and reading/editing duties, either individually, or more likely as a pair. Their writing topics would probably focus on nonfiction that would call the reader to action style, similar to The Post. They might break it up with lighter fiction, but they’re a power couple, so they’re in it for the gusto!

Trishna’s Book Club
Heard a summary about A Quiet Kind of Thunder. The premise seemed like it could inspire bits within The Story. The idea of a monthly book club, either online or in person, is another plot idea that could build on the narrative, though that’s maybe less concrete to write about?

Further Reading Materials
Reading Art of War.

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