[The Story] Sense of Humor

If April Fools’s is our way to avoid taking life so seriously, what functions similarly in “The Story,” especially focusing on stress/destressing? Expanding outside of holidays, what comedy is popular, unpopular, and more important: what types of comedy do John (right) and Trishna (background) enjoy? John is a more serious individual. Does he enjoy sitcoms? Does Trishna amuse herself with punny jokes? Is silly Pollyanna (foreground) worth her weight in dog treats as a comedian?

Spoiler Warning Scale: Minor (personality considerations, character-building)

John probably wouldn’t enjoy wacky humor.

He might not be able or initially willing to suspend the disbelief required to run with fantastic scenarios. He’d probably find it boring or insubstantial. Poor jaded guy… at least at first.

John might enjoy clever wordplay and puns.

Trishna would thoroughly enjoy puns, wordplay, and perhaps the occasional smart sitcom. She wouldn’t care for crass humor and toilet jokes at first, but maybe she works with some crazy folks?

Both would enjoy Pollyanna’s antics.

She might play up certain things for their amusement, either because she’ll get a treat or she’ll know it’ll be entertaining for them and the audience. How much depends on my writing.

My comedy is more dry. Most might say stale.

I enjoy black comedy about situations. It’s helped me be less offended over stupid things. Mixing in offensive toilet humor can lead to some good laughs. My puns also are thoroughly groan-worthy.

I might, therefore, need to study more jokes.

Do You Believe In Gosh? is my pre-interviewing album. The almost cute style of comedy from Mitch Hedberg works better to relax me than the scathing indictments on reality from Bill Hicks.

John and Trishna might actually enjoy both.

Trishna might actually enjoy some of the more empowering moments of a Hicks-style comedian, renamed and restyled for their world, while John might naturally gravitate toward observational humor.

There would be more than just April Fool’s.

However, John would never prank Trishna. John is incapable of doing anything he sees as harm or inconvenience. Even a minor faux pax about assuming what she can or can’t do would humiliate him.

Trishna might try pranking John.

That is, until she realizes how gullible John is in most of their exchanges. He wouldn’t fall for anyone else’s tricks, but he places too much trust in her. He might consider it weird but go along since it’s her.

Maybe she still does?

John does need to overcome his idolization toward Trishna. They are just kids, after all. Trishna might appreciate the attention at first, may consider it too doting, and may try to get him to stop being so considerate.

Maybe… This is a part of the narrative I’m still fleshing out.

Right now, my focus is on building up the characters. I figure by the time that they’re solid, then I can figure out how, or if, they’ll break down. Trying to figure out if they’ll break up now would cause contrivances.

Instead, I’ll build up their good times.

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Picture: Pollyanna borrowing the helmet and standing on the joker card, while John and Trishna are laughing in the background.

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