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I don’t yet know how much variation there is from our world and “The Story.” The easiest variations on fiction are real life and completely divergent paths. If I just wrote about India, then I’d just have to fly there, explore the area, and report my findings in a convenient way, just like writing about some imaginary location. Writing about a pseudo-India, Sindia, would require more research and nuance for John and Trishna to explore.

Spoilers?: Minor (artifacts within worldbuilding)

I visited two museums on a recent flight to visit family.

The second was a quaint collection of aviation artifacts in a room. The first was a larger assortment of artifacts, recreations of scenes from history, and interactive installations for kids and kids-at-heart. Unless you’re interested in digging into the subject matter, however, it’s something to glance through over the course of 30 minutes or maybe a 2-hour stroll, before returning to the present time.

Our modern equivalent are our research folders.

After I move and get things more organized, I will start to do deeper dive researches into the primary and secondary locations within “The Story.” Currently, I just take photos of stuff that could help me world-build, but these research folders would contain picture reference and historical information about places like India so that I can then find those threads of comparison and contrast.

That folder would become the foundation for a Sindian History Museum.

On a lazy afternoon during their week-long flight to India, John and Trishna would stroll through the museum with her Uncle Gopal and parents. Her dad, Divit, and Gopal would comment in depth on some of the artifacts within the museum, while John and Trishna might just casually glance through everything, occasionally finding a few artifacts that particularly pique their interests.

The depth and complexity of the museum will depend on my research.

Where will Trishna’s Sindian family reside? Will it be based on a real location or mostly made-up? What is the primary industry in that area? Farming? Military? Vehicle-building? Research should start broad, then as factors fall into place throughout my short stories and general brainstorming, the tip of the iceberg should start to show itself out of the murky waters of creativity.

Ideally, the research should happen over years.

Research should involve extensive conversations with many people. Museum curation, similarly, involves showing off the artifacts that most relevantly display a particular piece of the history of the subject or area. Items that no longer have value might be interesting subjects for curiosities. Otherwise, as I saw in the back of the larger museum, one photo scene was discarded.

Not all research is relevant or worthwhile, I guess.

That museum Trishna’s family visits currently has no name or overarching narrative purpose. Will it eventually spark some interest or another? Will it be grounds for conflict or conversation? Maybe. Currently, it’s just a goalpost to aim toward, rather than an end-goal.

The more I study, the more narrative variations will to the surface.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium and the museum I visited.
Inspirations: I wanted to capture relevant highlights of each day as updates to “The Story.” Trishna’s Uncle’s name was tricky to decide on during the vacation. I went with Gopal today thanks to a Behind The Name randomized pick and Sam Gopal.
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