[The Story] Their First Snow, or The Gig Life VI

The tragedy of working is that once you get employed, your life or at least your inner monologue, revolves around work. You think of the victories and failures of work… oh, hey… this was supposed to be this week’s update to “The Story…” Even in this idyllic setting, where John (right) and Trishna (left) are lounging in the snow, they might still be working, in their minds. Unless, they’ve been working part-time or short-term gigs!

Spoiler Warning Scale: Minor (other than the context of what you see in the photo)

Even if they have gigs, there’s still the temptation of career distractions.

John and Trishna are home from their first quarter of college. Both might have part-time, almost hobby, work. Or maybe they’re full-time students thanks to government assistance and perhaps some leisure money from Trishna’s parents. Either way, they have a week or two away from school or work to enjoy each other’s company.

They might still have concerns taking up mental real estate.

Even in the photographed moment – where they’re relaxing in the snow, everything’s idyllic, their dog is playing in the background, and the family are nearby also enjoying the snow – there’s still that persistent urge to think about the events they’ll likely return to after their break. Workloads, stressful personalities, and potential events.

Unless, of course, work isn’t the most important thing.

What could be more important than a meager salary? How about family? Friendships, relationships, or personal projects? Videogames, concerts, or movies? Running, rowing, or weight-lifting? We should be living for these things over a career that is wrought with intricacies. We should be there for the paycheck, skill acquisition, and new friends.

I’ve been liking how John and Trishna only prioritize work to enable their lives.

They might have stressful days. There’s bound to be something that will drive them up the wall, yet as I’ve been brainstorming these characters, it seems like their relationship is a defining pillar within their personalities. They’ve been friends and dig each other’s company. They trust each other and are genuinely looking out for each other.

It’s like they’re a team to help pull each other out of ruts.

Maybe that’s a bias of what I’d like to see in media more or maybe I’m seeing these characters through a positive bias. I like to think that these characters have always existed. I’m just realizing them, and part of that is seeing the successful and unsuccessful relationships that exist across all the many gigs I’ve worked over the years.

Why do people stick with jobs and people they hate?

Is it because they’ve never encountered any positive job or positive people that make them feel great? Is it because they’ll settle for mediocre because that seems like the best that could happen? John could have settled for misery. Trishna could have settled for loneliness. Instead, they worked hard to finally meet after years of long distance friendship.

Would squabbles at their gig lives be important to them? Nah.

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