[The Story] Their First Kiss

“What’s he doing to that dog… no, just kiddin’![1]” What I enjoy most about interacting with people outside my comfort zone is how they take an idea, run with it, and when I catch up, it turns into something much better. In “The Story,” there are millions of ideas that need to align just right for it not to fail. One ruminating idea was: when will John [left] and Trishna [right] have their first kiss?

Spoilers?: Minor (brainstorming a scene)

Well, it started with that quote.

I thought it over later and a scene popped into my head, after their first date where they go to a romantic light show in a garden that Trishna likes where they… don’t kiss, to a scene where the two of them are picnicking on Trishna’s family farm. The hills overlook some forested areas.

There, they’ll kiss.

It might be some overly romantic scene fit for a certain kind of fiction, or, it might just be matter-of-fact. But the immediate idea after that was funny: so they start kissing for a few seconds, maybe longer, and Pollyanna, Trishna’s fiction-cognizant service dog, does what most dogs will do and run up to lick them both.

We’ll see if that idea sticks.

Another idea I’ve been thinking about lately is about John’s college friends, Float and Quest. When they meet John and Trishna, they are trying to both turn their lives around- both being not quite petty punks police parented, but definitely looking to turn a new leaf. The four might have a class project. I’ve been wondering how they can all positively influence each other.

Quest might be a gym rat.

If so, he might be the one to encourage John and Trishna to start working out. I follow enough people on social media to see that stigmas against people with physical or mental impairments are still quite common in 2018. Both Quest and Float are nonjudgemental, so they’d both consider the strengths over weaknesses of the people around them.

Float might get them into ARC.

The University of Eville Accessibility Rights Club is an organization aimed at “helping disadvantaged students, regardless of the situation, surpass the precipice of their challenges to achieve their goals.” Perhaps. One of Float’s parents uses a wheelchair as well as Trishna, so he knows the peer pressures, but maybe deeper, maybe Float has an invisible impairment?

These are all ruminative ideas to consider.

Compared to ten years ago, or even two, I have an easier way to capture all these ideas: by writing at the pace I do, with the volume of content I produce, I am constantly looking for new ideas. Since I don’t always write, edit, and publish within the same month, it forces me to assess the ideas with enough time away where I can read some things over with a fresh pair of eyes to decide if something makes sense or not.

One month later: It’s a fun idea, but I’m not overly stricken by it.

Quotes: [1] A reaction from a buddy, Chad, as I presented my business card with the same photo.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: I’ve been wanting to write about more things as they happen; to capture these ideas during the moment, even if they more quickly expire. Even temporary ideas can have some permanency.
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Written On: August 23th [30 minutes]
Last Edited: September 27th [15 minutes]
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