[The Story] Ubiquitous Cashierial Gigs

Most of my jobs have involved some form of physicality. I’ve only worked with a few people with physical impairments, so I will be the first to admit my lack of perspective perhaps required to tell “The Story,” for Trishna [center] and John [not shown], but it is a story I must tell! So I research, observe, and learn in order to tell this story. We covered John’s gigging last time. Now it’s Trishna’s turn!

Spoilers?: Minor (job-hunting brainstorming 2 of 2)

Maybe part of it is her personality.

She’s nice and kind even in the face of mild adversity, becoming decisive when that adversity escalates. More than John, she grew up with a supportive family willing to back her up and let her try and fail. That attitude fully allows her to muster the self-confidence required to apply to jobs.

She does get help from her college.

The Accessibility Rights Club of the University of Eville has an outreach program specifically designed to help students and graduates get into jobs. They might even prioritize certain jobs on campus as part of internships or work experience, including the assorted gifts and flower shop.

That’s a dream, though, right?

The gift shop has a program for students that use wheelchairs to do everything from using the cash register, tending the store, and managing inventory. It’s probably designed as a charity organization, too, so it’s good all the way around. If that’s the case, Trishna might get the role for a year, or maybe all four years?

Or maybe it’d be at the hospital gift shop?

The assortment of mild gifts and flowers is more of what this gift shop might be like than textbooks and college merchandise. If so, it might be tricky to coordinate how she’d go to school, work, and go home, unless the University of Eville and Eville Medical are a close bus ride away. If so, it’d work out well!

Yeah, let’s go with that.

Not only because it provides a crossover path for Trishna to interact with Sammohini in her arc of “The Story” more often than just on weekends and family get-togethers, but because it provides a company where both Trishna and John could eventually work where I have experience, so it will feel more natural.

She could work at both, too…

Regardless, I imagine she will get into more of the retail side in college than John because she could handle inventory while smiling, even if she might not have the mental fortitude to stand up against the worst of customers and coworkers without feeling just a little bad. We’ll see if she can gain that resilience.

I’m really excited to see what happens.

I’m not rushing into it partially because I have no career experience as a cashier and haven’t worked with too many people with physical impairments. I don’t want to make sloppy guesses, assume, or write these characters improperly. That’s not right!

The more I write and observe, the more real they’ll feel.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium. My professional experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about John’s perspective naturally made me curious about Trishna’s perspective. As a throw away side note Easter Egg, I’d like to write “The Story” from both perspectives, so one chapter might be from Trishna’s perspective, then from John’s. Not for psychological manipulation, but more for balance.
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Photo: After weeks of deliberation, just like with John’s essay, I was just like “let’s get this done.” Also: one of Sammohini’s minifigures is on the right.
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