[The Story] Ubiquitous Moving Gigs

I always thought you got work based on what you knew, then later thinking it was who you knew, now it might be who you can convince to hire you. It’s a gamble in real life, just like “The Story,” with John [center] and Trishna [not shown] facing greater odds due to their impairments. Though they must try harder, there are some hard working ways that they can get the odds more in their favor.

Spoilers?: Minor (job-hunting brainstorming 1 of 2)

Stress Versus Stress” answered a lingering question about John’s employment.

Trishna should have an easy employment path from gift/flower store cashier to phone rep to more work with computers, thanks to working arms and fingers. John has a harder time with his bad arm and hand. He will have a special keyboard, but until then, who will hire him?

Detlef, the boss over at Sneaker Transport.

When Detlef talks with Jane, best friend of Trishna’s sister Sammohini, he briefly shows his partial left hand to illustrate the dangers of moving furniture. Jane is unfazed. I imagine over the next few short stories, she will prove her worth, and eventually refer John to be a temporary mover, too.

When does that happen?

I’m not yet sure when, chronologically, the Sammohini Arc takes place within the other arcs of “The Story,” culminating in the possibly titled “Final Arc,” or what should be the final draft to write, edit, and publish as the definitive work that would summarize “The Story” and the lives of John and Trishna.

Pragmatically, these stories should all happen within close proximity.

Sammohini should only be a few years older than Trishna, not twenty, so when Jane works at the moving company, she could earnestly refer John, who might probably be in his first year of college. I don’t know the overall timing of everything yet. That shouldn’t be too restrictive right now.

Arbitrary details now will be pinch points later.

Besides, the Sammohini Arc is all about fiction practice, with only a small percentage dedicated to world-building. To know that Detlef could be John’s mover boss is good enough since that can more firmly establish John’s backstory as he needs an employer to trust that he wouldn’t be a hindrance.

Trishna would just apply, interview, and start.

Her bosses would still matter, and I should eventually establish them, but Detlef fills in an important gap for now. Between earning the trust of Trishna’s parents to start a relationship with Trishna and John earning the trust of employers in Eville to start a good life not relying on hand-outs is that first big boss.

Detlef showed himself to be a good boss.

He shows concern for Jane and could provide a good reference when she applies to more technical roles. Similarly, John will earn his respect, learn skills from him and his crew, before graduating toward more professional roles. Where/when is unknown. Until then, more practice, just like in career employment.

Don’t have the job yet? Keep on trying!

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium. My professional experiences.
Inspirations: I’ve met a few people that have inspired Detlef.
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Written On: June 26th [45 minutes]
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