[The Story] Weak versus Weakness

We can decide whether our weaknesses will cause us to become weak. While most weaknesses can become excuses that can potentially control us, there are exceptions that should be respected. My intentions are pure, so let’s not focus on any possible hypotheticals for this week’s update to “The Story.” Instead, let’s focus on two casual examples of when main characters John (off-center) and Trishna (center) decide to not let their physical weaknesses make them weak.

Spoiler Warning Scale: Minor (character development)

John and Trishna both have physical weaknesses.

What I like most about these characters is that they don’t often let their right hand/arm and left foot/leg, respectively, make them weak. They don’t let each other become weak because their weaknesses aren’t completely debilitating. They know each other’s limits. John is missing fingers and doesn’t have complete functionality of his hand or possibly even arm. Trishna has a bad foot, maybe leg too, and can only briefly stand unaided.

Still, they don’t let their disabilities control their actions.

They won’t accept excuses from themselves, or each other, for not at least trying at what they want to do. If it’s a dream or goal, they’re each other’s biggest fans and cheerleader. Much of the inspiration for this update came from Wii Fit, including this specific idea. After making some Mii avatars representing John and Trishna, during a running minigame, I saw Trishna’s avatar running along followed closely by John.

I’m not sure that Trishna has dreams of being a runner.

However, she does want to be active and self-reliant. Even stubbornly so. Whenever possible, she wants to try doing things on her own, and if aided than with tools to help her get things done rather than hinder her progress. During their first or second year of college, a videogame console similar to the Wii comes out with a popular game like the Wii Fit, and after trying it, her goal is to get as good at it as she can.

Her family gifts this console and game to her for her birthday.

The second inspiration came from Wii Fit’s boxing minigame. It’s an aerobic exercise requiring timed use of both hands and feet. It was difficult for me! It’s exactly the sort of thing I could see John trying to learn, even if anyone isn’t telling him it’s impossible for him to do, just because he wants to challenge himself to do as much as he can. Maybe he’ll fail along the way. But at least he’ll give it some sincere tries!

I’ll conclude with some fine print.

I am writing outside of my familiarity. John and Trishna don’t represent everyone with physical disabilities. While their disabilities influence factors within their lives, their personalities were defined years ago when I was initially compelled to tell their story, well before they revealed their disabilities. It’s something I try to be as considerate about and it’d be rude if I were to re-write them.

Let’s focus on their – and our – strengths.

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Note: While I don’t think I’ve written anything offensive, please let me know if I’ve overstepped my boundaries!

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