[The Story] Worst They’ve Done

Slightly mixing up the format of this week’s update to “The Story.” My spontaneous 500-word short stories are unplanned story jams. My 6,000-word short story contribution to the Blah Blah Story Mode is more planned out. These and more are practice for my 500,000+ word plans with “The Story,” primarily featuring Trishna (left) and John. They’re human characters, with personality flaws, so let’s cover some of their blemishes. Here’s the mix: in potentially their own words?!

Spoiler Warning Scale: Minor (in-depth character development)

John’s Stolen Food
[Trishna] “My parents would like to know if you’ve done anything illicit or bad. I know you haven’t done anything terrible.”
[John] “Nothing illicit. Too many people I’ve lived with were addicted to drugs or alcohol. I had to steal food. I had a fight with a family that kicked me out. I was so hungry.”
[Trishna] “I’m sorry to hear that! :(”
[John] “I still feel bad. Two days without eating… I wasn’t thinking straight.”

Trishna’s Exam Cheat
[Trishna] “I cheated on my Chemistry final today.”
[John] “Really? You seemed so confident. :(”
[Trishna] “I was feeling good until this morning. I took one last look over everything and it all just fell apart. So I wrote some notes on my wrist.”
*This could go in many different directions and, along with all of these updates, are also just brainstorming ideas that might not land in the rough or final drafts of “The Story.”

Stuff They’ve Downloaded
[John] “Siege is releasing a cool new song called “the Battle of Eberhügel” next week. My connection isn’t that great right now. I grabbed it off:”
[Trishna] “Neat, I’ll look for it.”
[Trishna] “I’ve also been really enjoying the latest Puppet Strings album. I’m used to how their new female singer sounds now. She might even have a wider singing range. I’m gonna buy the album next weekend. Still haven’t found any Ketchup Packet albums.”

Trishna’s Lunchroom Fight
[Trishna] “Today was the final straw!”
[John] “Good for you! How’d it go?”
[Trishna] “Sam poured soda all over me! I jumped on him and punch him three times in the nose. It worked just like you said. Thanks for advice.”
[John] “:) Are you OK?”
[Trishna] “Yeah, thanks for asking. :)”
[Trishna] “My back hurts, I bloodied up my knuckles, and I’m temporarily suspended, but my parents are proud and took me out for ice cream. :)”

Their Later Confrontations?
Highlight to reveal potential spoilers Like this! Everything before “The Scene” can have solid plot points. The plot synopsis is: “after chatting for years online, these two characters meet.” Other than a summer on Trishna’s family farm and going to college together, everything long term is vague. That’s why these weekly updates are important. Does war break out? Do they break-up? Do they commit any crimes? Without solid characters, how can the conclusion be clear?

My Confessional Time
Just kidding! Other than my collection of “not for resale” media items like this VHS screener I’ve bought at thrift stores, I admit to nothing!


(Ideas, inspirations: IDKFA and Collector)

My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.