[Sammohini Arc] Addressing Overdue Emergency

The young computer repair technician crawled back to her workstation after a delicious chicken curry lunch to a fury of important messages:

Hi, Sammohini…I cannot get logged in.
Sent from my eScribe ES2001K

Messe Business message from Nessa Shailaja:
can you go see dr duce ASAP
her computer crashed
she has a meeting in like 10 min.

Voicemail: “Hey, Sammohini, Nessa. Dr. Duce needs her computer fixed ASAP. I’ll try paging you. Okay, bye-e!”

No new messages on the pager…

Sammohini locked her computer and wandered around the nicely-decorated cube farm in the IT office area of Eville Medical to see if any of her colleagues were around. Hank – his characteristically clean desk, with only a few personal mementos, including a nice photo of him, his girlfriend Veda, and dog – usually took a later lunch. Nils was out sick. Venkat, whose mini-office was always well-maintained, had an off-site meeting in one of the clinics.

She returned to her desk to decide what to do.

There were no post-it notes on the monitor, keyboard, or chair to give any indication that there was anything pressing to be handled urgently. She sat down, unlocked her computer, and looked once again at her inbox. No new emails other than those two. The voicemail landed in her inbox at the same time. She had a sudden rush of anxiety: ‘is Dr. Duce still in need of help? What if she’s still stuck? Oh no! What if I look bad…!

She flipped over the anti-anxiety snowglobe at her desk.

‘OK, Sammo, let’s think this through. It’s 12:45 p.m. These messages came in at- uhh- starting at 11:51 a.m. Nearly one hour has passed. The instant message and voicemail were from Nessa. She smarter at me at this job, so she must’ve tried something. I wonder if she stopped over and asked someone else for help? Yeah! That’s most likely… There’s no reason why they’d wait on me for help…’

The last of the snow landed on the miniature Eville Medical.

Sammohini took a deep breath and thought about what else to do. First! Reply to these emails! Starting with Dr. Duce, she wrote a long-winded response, apologizing for being out to lunch, and hoping that things were good. She deleted it and tried again. She apologized for being away and asked to see if she should stop over to assist. Next! No new tickets assigned to her in the Qit Ticketing System…

‘I wonder if Nessa is online…?’

Their business-class version of the ubiquitous instant messaging service, Messe, showed that Nessa was out to lunch, so she impulsively scrolled through her contacts list to see who was around. Nearly everyone was away, except two helpdesk technicians and her boss, Linda.

A new message!

Linda Mutiger: Hi Sammohini.
I reached out to Dr. Duce regarding her computer.
All clear.

Sammohini Lanchester: many things!
hopefully it wasnt too bad?

Linda Mutiger: alles gut!
*all good!
How was lunch?

Sammohini Lanchester: svaadisht!
I had chicken curry at zbigniews!!

Quotes: None.
Sources: My professional experiences.
Collector named the eScribe ES2001K like this:
“ES for eScribe
2001 because I was thinking 90s instead of early 2000s and FUTURE.
K = black”
Zbigniew’s Teriyaki might not be within driving distance of Eville Medical, but, it’s nice to tie some random bits of the world together.
Inspirations: This is surprisingly common within technical support. Everyone hits the panic button regardless of who’s relevant to the situation. I guess that’s life…
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Photo: Debris in water.
Written On: August 8th [1 hour]
Last Edited: August 22nd [1 hour]


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