[Sammohini Arc] Boardroom Number Three

‘The holiday season was supposed to be easy… I’m not ready for this…’
The computer repair technician was breathing shallowly as she approached the executive wing of Eville Medical, her stylish winter jacket keeping her warm, but perhaps too warm because she felt her forehead sweating.
‘Their meeting is about to start… what if I can’t get the projector to talk to the computer in time? I only have a few minutes… this isn’t good…’

There were fancy snacks outside the boardrooms.

‘No, I can’t have any! Even if I did, I need to make sure this works first!’ She looked around for the big meeting that the helpdesk paged her about five minutes earlier. ‘Number 1… number 2… number 4…? Where’s number 3?’ There was a handwritten note taped to the wall with an arrow.

Pathologist’s Lecture
around the corner :—)

She turned the corner to two open doors with one person seated at a large conference room. Three others were chatting off to the side in chairs lining the room. “Oh, hey. Thanks for stopping by with such short notice. I’ve tried rebooting and I can’t seem to get this laptop to project.”

“Is now- …can I take a look?”

The doctor, looking only a few years older than her, but with a full beard masking his age, gently pushed the expensive laptop closer to the open chair. “Yes, please. Take your time. We’ve got time before the presentation. Do you want any coffee or water?” “…Uh, sure! W-water, thanks!”

“You’ve got it!”

Sammohini spent like what felt like an eternity clicking around various menus within the laptop, pressing buttons on the projector’s remote control, and for some reason, it just was not working. ‘This isn’t good. I can’t figure this out. I wonder if- Hank’s got the day off, I don’t wanna-‘

“Here’s your water. How’s it lookin’?”

She looked over for a split second, at the water, then back at the computer. “I, …it- well, I looked over and it’s not an easy thing, but I’ll keep looking, though!” She looked back over at the doctor, now reclined in the chair, as he sipped some coffee. “No worries, or as we say, μην ανησυχείς!”

“Oh, thank you. I really appreciate it!”

“Hey, tell ya what. Some of the other docs are starting to arrive. I’ve got a backup plan, so I’ll just put this away. Let’s make it kalós later. Sound good?” ‘Oh no, I’m a failure.’ “Oh, hey, don’t look so down. I genuinely appreciate the effort you put in. I was watching. I couldn’t’ve done half that!”

“Hi, Spanos! Oh! Sammohini! Namaste!”

“Hey Durga, how’s it goin’?” “It’s cold out there, haan?” Dr. Aruna’s bright orange scarf tucked neatly into her overcoat. “Yes, yes. So you were saying that your laptop was acting up, that our Suparstaar IT here, Sammohini, was giving it her best here, and it was still not working?”

“See? Μην ανησυχείς!”
“If Sammohini can’t figure it out, then it is a bad one!”
“Oh… thanks…”

Quotes: None.
– My professional experiences. No matter how much experience or preparation you have, you will not win ’em all.
– Google Translate helped with the Greek and Hindi phrasing for the doctors. [I can’t say “μην ανησυχείς” yet, but I’ve known about it for a while.] I thought about including Hindi directly in-line, but I figured it was probably challenging enough with the non-transliterated Greek.
Names randomly generated: Dr. Durga Aruna and Dr. Yiorgos’s last name. Spanos is the name of a good friend. Dr. Yiorgos’s personality had some inspiration from a doctor I troubleshot with.
Inspirations: This short story started with a basic premise that could happen in any larger company. The title popped up during a rowing set. The idea of Sammohini failing at something seemingly mission critical yet it being OK happened at around the 75-word mark, or before the snack table – snacks being one of Sammohini’s weaknesses, even.
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Picture: Generic picture to save time.
Written On: November 20th [2 hours]
Last Edited: First draft; final draft.
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