[Sammohini Arc] Carefully Caddying Cargo

There was a rush at the Sneaker Transport warehouse to unload everything off of three trucks one muggy Evillain morning. Their loading docks were slammed full of outgoing furniture already without the three trucks scheduled haphazardly at the same time. They could have sent them packing, only to return later, but the decision was made to have two stalling out in the yard and all hands on deck to carelessly unload all the incoming furniture.

The warehouse was uncharacteristically empty.

They had five regular works and seven part-timers, including Jane, a former computer repair technician that had fallen onto some hard times but was working through her drinking problem. The warehouse manager, Detlef, sent four of the regular works and three of the part-timers over to the outgoing bays to free up the bays sooner.

The remainder focused on unloading the first truck.

The other workers formed a mover line, with people digging boxes out of the truck, where Jane found herself at the end of the receiving line in the warehouse. She was to load pallets with similar incoming cargo and shrinkwrap the pallets for either short-term or long-term storage. Precision was more important than speed here. Mistakes weren’t fireable…

But too many mistakes would be frowned upon.

Jane’s good friend and colleague Andrius was second from the end of the unloading line and staged freshly unloaded boxes in an area clear of egress. He did his best to stage boxes in areas that Jane could easily pick from, but he was receiving boxes from the line in fast order, so his priority was getting the boxes unloaded from the earlier chains in the mover line.

Jane’s queue was getting stacked up without mercy.

The other workers were fast at work unloading the boxes from the first truck. Even with all of the hand-trucks being used for outbound freight, so they had to leave the pallets on the truck and bring the boxes into the warehouse, they were still moving fast enough to where the first truck was nearly unloaded. Jane didn’t have time to look, though.

The first truck drove off; contents emptied, signed off.

The workers toward the bay door stood and caught their breathers as the next truck backed in. One rolled down the second truck’s back door while another jumped onto the nearly-parked truck’s back gate to get a head start. That worker and the other that had just opened the doors jumped in and made short order out of the nearly empty truck.

The second truck departed and the third truck backed in.

Andrius had stopped by to see if Jane needed help and saw her working at a double pace to get the boxes stacked on pallets. Sweat poured from her brow as she jumped back over from a pallet that was nearly ready to be double-checked then shrink-wrapped. She just kept on going until others showed up to help with the last of the boxes to be placed into pallets.

“About time!”

Quotes: None.
Sources: My professional experiences.
Inspirations: Watching, through an airplane window, a cargo caddier carefully threw luggage from a chute to a truck to be driven off – only to see package after package fall off the chute. His burden became bemoaningly Sisyphean until help arrived just before take-off.
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Written On: October 1st [1 hour]
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