[Sammohini Arc] Deep Dive Troubleshooting

“I’m sorry I keep bugging you when you have a bunch on your plate, too.”
The two computer repair technicians were just about to arrive at the doctor’s office for advanced diagnostics.
“Don’t worry, Sammohini. This is important, it needs to get done right away, you tried more than what your old team would have bothered to do, and I’m honored you asked me.”
They put on their technician smiles.
“Hi, Rockstar! Come on back!”

Ten minutes in and she was completely lost.

The rockstar that helped keep the computer lights running at Eville Medical was buzzing away. He was clicking all over the computer screen with his right hand while slowly filling a page of a small red notebook with a fine blue pen in his left hand. She tried keeping up with her small yellow notebook, but they were just contextless words.

Her mind drifted around the office.

Dr. Oona’s messy office had papers everywhere, except on the green-leather couch. The walls were lined with bookshelves, leaving only scant space for doctoral degrees. The awkward doctor had stepped out for an afternoon stroll around the grounds, departing by saying, “don’t rush this research, Hank. Page me if I’m needed.”


“Hmm? I’m sorry, I… uhh… umm… ahh…” “I wonder, why is this not connecting? All the settings are correct. I’m glad Nils wrote some notes on this, but even still, there’s no reason why this should be acting like this.” “Yeah, no one else is having this connectivity issue, you checked his account, license, and computer. It connects to the Internet and all that…”


Hank caught a second wind. He started typing at a speed she’d never seen before, clicking faster, and then swung the swivel chair to reveal the answer. She read out loud, “diagnose network issue…” “We were just checking locally. We could remote in and all that because it’s not going outside. But when I try going to The Evillain’s website or my band’s website…”


“Thanks for that- figuring that out… I’m tired.” He started typing away in some networking windows. “No, no, it’s nothing! I know you’ve been on-call during the worst possible week! You probably haven’t got any good sleep this week.” “None. No worries. It’s all part of the job. And I figure if I- we- play our cards right, it’ll be… groovy.”

The proprietary OBGYN application worked.

“OK, let’s page the doctor. We should go over our notes once more to sure we document it thoroughly. I’ll forget the nuances in ten minutes. Can you type it up and add it to Qbase? Preferably by end of the shift, since it’ll still be fresh, but no big.” “No worries!”

They compared notes until the doctor arrived.

“What happened?” “Our new Superstar, Sammohini, figured it out. There was a network issue between the computer and the server.” “Good work! Thanks, Superstar!” “S-s-Sure!” They walked out to the receptionist desk.

“All good, thanks to our Superstar here.”
“Nice work, Superstar!”

Quotes: None
Sources: My professional experiences. I’ve collaborated with many “Hanks” of similar fatigue. Behind the Name for Dr. Devnet Oona’s name.
Inspirations: Nothing specific
Related: Somewhere in the Sammohini Arc of “The Story.”
Photo: A beautiful day spent not inside troubleshooting, instead, contemplating the depths of the natural versus artificial-troubleshooting worlds. The bars are somewhat symbolic of that…
Written On: June 7th, 8th, 23rd, 24th
Last Edited: June 24th
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