[Sammohini Arc] Don’t Disrespect Yourself

Next stop on a troubleshooting tour: an occasional printer issue with the Oncology backup printer. Even after one of the nurses replaced the toner cartridges, it still would not print. “Hi, I’m Sammohini from IT, here to look at the printer!” She flashed her employee badge and smiled. “Sure… it’s back over here. Follow me.” Sammohini tried to make polite small-talk with the nurse, but it looked like she was too tired to really care.

“Have fun.”

“Thanks! I, uhh… will?” The nurse walked off leaving her in a small alcove next to a computer. She brought out her notepad and began looking over her notes from the ticket. The problem began about two hours ago. They thought it was out of toner, even though the levels weren’t under 10% yet, and it acted the same way after replacing the toner.

“Thanks for taking that one.”

She had a quick memory of being back in the team area, at Nils’s desk. “Yeah, I really didn’t feel like walking around today, so thanks for dealing with the jerks today…” “No worries! I like the people here! They’re so nice.” “Sure, now. You’re still new.” “Ah, don’t be such a meanie! Do you have any advice for this one so I don’t bug you later?” “Yeah, uhh… tell them to quit breaking it.”‘

She looked over the printer.

‘Well, it’s not broken. At least on the outside. OK, let’s see, they replaced the toner. It should be- ah! Right here. OK, let’s take a look-see! Huh, this one looks nearly minty fresh. How about one of the ones in the printer? Yeah, same thing. And what does the printer say? It says online and all the toner levels are above 33%. Weird. It should be working… why not?’

“Is it broken again?”

The lead nurse appeared out of nowhere. “Uhh-yeah, uhh, I’m not- uhh… I don’t… uhh… I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with it.” “Yeah, we were, too. We know we’re not suppose to call the vendor now that they charge per visit. When they have been over in the past, they’d usually take a look in there.” She pointed inside the printer where the toner cartridge was.


“They’d usually spray some air around in there. Wanna give it a try?” The nurse handed over a bottle of compressed air bottle over to the self-doubting computer repair technician wearing decently stylish clothing and short, styled hair. “S-sure!” “Alright, be careful with our little patient here. He’s a little feisty and spits.” Sammohini took the bottle and pointed the nozzle in the printer.

A quick spray revealed a plume of blue smoke.

She continued until it stopped. They tried the printer again and it worked. “S-sorry I didn’t figure it out…” “Ahh… hun, don’t be so down on yourself. You did great!” Sammohini lifted her head up. “Really?” The nurse with blue scrubs, bleached hair, and a tanned smile took back the bottle. “Sure! M’name’s Dusty. What’s yours?”


“Nice ta mee’cha!”

Quotes: None
Sources: My professional experiences.
Inspirations: I was troubleshooting a software issue and felt really embarrassed about not figuring it out right away. The customer was encouragingly upbeat.
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Photo: A random waterfall, cropped to avoid stealing someone’s artistic work.
Written On: June 25th [30 minutes]
Last Edited: July 10th [15 minutes]
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