[Sammohini Arc] Eville Medical Move

“My family, we are accountants. Am? No thanks. My body falls after two hours of rest![1]” The two furniture movers were chatting while pushing two carts up a ramp from a loading dock where they’d parked their truck. “I know what you mean, Sili. I don’t like looking at a computer screen for more than two hours.” “Haha! You’re very fun- funny, Jane!” They rang the faded door buzzer to deliver supplies to Eville Medical.

“Security speaking.”

“Yes, how it going? We are here to carry equipment to ‘Medical Supplies.'” The buzzer had a light that changed from red to green and unlocked. “Alright. Meetcha there. Wait inside.” Jane opened the door. “Thanks!” They pushed both fully-loaded carts of boxes at about eye level into a small room with a semi-open window, a clipboard sitting on the windowsill, and a metal chair against the opposite wall.

A skinny security guard appeared behind the glass.

“Sign ‘ere.” The guard held out the clipboard. “Certainly!” “Here are your visitor passes. Keep them visible at all times. No exceptions.” “No problem, pule! We’ll go back without any time!” The guard disappeared. The door leading into the hospital had a similar buzzer to the one outside, and similarly, changed color before unlocking. “Safety here is so great. Right? I like it, but it’s always different because of that.”


Arriving in a hallway with signs pointing to locations in the hospital, they pushed their carts to the nearby Medical Supply department. Muscular Sili, proudly displaying intricately-patterned black tattoos, led, pushing one cart with ease while Jane, wearing a faded concert hoddie covered with a high-visibility vest, pushed the other cart with modest effort. “Should I be slow?” Jane revved up. “No. I’m just not a bodybuilder like you.”

“Not now! Wait for six months. You will be stronger than I am! Ha!”

They arrived as Jane finished her laugh, stopping to have a brief chat with the man that signed the paperwork and received the equipment. “I know what you mean! They’ve just been doing terribly!” “Yeah! They need to get more big players, like me!” Jane drowned out the sports conversation by idly observing the large supply room, resting her attention on a dated computer in the corner.

She remembered something about her previous life troubleshooting computers…

“It is imperative that we have the cyan toner for this printer immediately!” Jane was back at Upper Eville Library. “The quickest we can get it here is overnight.” This crazed woman shook her finger at Jane limply. “I don’t care! Drive to the store and buy it!” Jane tried not to laugh. “Let me go talk to my manager.” Her face turned red. “Alright, let’s go right now!”

“Jane, hey! Time to run away! Later, pule!” “Peace!”

They left out through the same receiving room, returned their badges, loaded up their carts, and hopped in the truck.

“Did not you like it there?”
“I just had a bad flashback.”
“I just know what you mean!”

Quotes: [1] A memorable conversation.
Sources: My professional experiences. A Samoan name generator provided Mariota, so, of course, what is Super in Samoan? Sili’s style of speech was translated into Samoan and back a few times; no offense intended.
Inspirations: There have been times when I’ve done non-technical support work because I’d get sick of some aspects of the work. I’ve always found myself back in technical roles. Glutton for pain, probably.
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Photo: A graffitied pole nearby the water.
Written On: July 6 [45 minutes], July 18th [2 hours]
Last Edited: July 21st [30 minutes]
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