[Sammohini Arc] Excellent Training Questions

“Sorry I brought up bad memories.” The two furniture movers were just leaving the highway on their way back from an arduous trek across the E1000 highway in worse than normal traffic. Through talking with the driver, Andrius, on their route, Jane had started the process of getting over long unresolved deep psychological issues at her last company. “N-no, thank y-you for listening.” “We have a little more time if you’d like to keep going.”

Jane rubbed her eyes with her hoodie sleeve.

“Yeah, there was something else I was thinking about. It, uhh, was probably the thing that made me realize it was a toxic… place…” Jane had been staring out the windshield window through most of the truck ride, not quite focused on keeping polite non-verbal communication, and not quite actually looking as the traffic crept on from the highway to the warehouse district close to Sneaker Transport’s base in Eville. “…or had become it…”

Andrius kept quiet.

“…Well, it started with the new guy. When they hired him in, it seemed like he was a nice enough guy and would be great to work with. I wasn’t involved with his hiring at all, which was weird, because I would be working with him a lot, and we ended up sharing a desk in this little corner they tucked us in for the IT department. So of course, as you do, you offer to help out with any questions people my have as they settle into a new role…”

Andrius verbally gave an approving “mmm-hmmm.”

“…So he sends out an email with questions to me and my boss…” She drifted her focus away to the passenger window, chasing after a tree that had been trimmed by the tops of many other mid-sized moving trucks like the one they were riding in. “…She sent back a stern email and I’ll never forget what she said. She told him that they’ll ‘discuss further in an upcoming meeting[1]’ and Jane, ‘feel free to disregard.’ Ohhh! that made my blood boil!”

They pulled into the Sneaker Transport parking lot.

“Wow, that really is something. We’re rolling back into base, now, you doing alright? Let’s catch up another time. Maybe you can stop over for dinner sometime and we can chat some more?” Jane sat up in her chair, looked at herself in the reflection of her smartphone to make sure nothing was too out of sort with her hair or face, and then reclined back in the overstuffed furniture mover’s truck. “Yeah, that sounds nice, thank you so much!”

Andrius backed up to one of the open bays.

“Alright, cool. Thanks again for your help, too. I know I already said this, but without your assistance this morning, I’d probably still be over there- well, I’d be stuck in that traffic still!”

Jane smiled.


Andrius parked the truck and looked over to smile as well.

“Sure thing, sister!”

Jane laughed a little and sighed.

“I wish more people were like you…”

Quotes: [1] Actual quote from my boss at the time.
Sources: My professional experiences.
Inspirations: Concluding these set of short stories as it naturally might, back at the shop, with a possibility of seeing more Andrius
Related: Somewhere in the Sammohini Arc of “The Story.”
Picture: Generic picture to save time.
Written On: September 13th [1 hour]
Last Edited: October 17th [5 minutes]
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