[Sammohini/Chaos Arc] Good at Moving

Two furniture movers arrived early to their final stop: an upscale, downtown high-rise office building in upper Eville. Their customer, a pink-haired fashionista in bicycling gear, met them at the loading dock. “Alright! My new desk! Cool! Let’s sign you two in before heading up.” She guided them inside, talking while occasionally walking backward. “You’re Jim, right?” They shook hands. “Yes, ma’am!” “And a young lady mover?” She tried hugging the quiet mover. “How cool!”

“Thanks.” She stepped back and motioned a slight, closed smile.

“Everyone calls me Chaos, but you can call me Carrie! Oh! Looks like no one’s here, so, just, like, sign in here with your license plate number. You’ll get towed otherwise! Oh dear, I should’ve let you know first! Can we grab that real quick?” “Not to worry, Carrie. Everything’s here.” Jim held up his clipboard and filled out the paperwork before the younger mover stepped forward.

The awkward mover scribbled her name.

“Jane Lan…yard. Cool name!” Chaos smiled almost too brightly. Jane turned away briefly. “T-thanks.” Chaos’s reflective jacket shimmered as she swung her arms. “You’re a shy one! Now, let’s get my desk!” Jim walked ahead. “So, Jane, if you don’t mind me asking, how’s movin’?” Chaos walked with Jane. “Oh, I… it’s alright. I did IT work for the library, but I was laid off. This pays the bills…”

They arrived at the truck to a late afternoon chill.

“Oh! Maybe you can take a look-see at my computer, then?” “Sure.” Jane hopped into the truck to unstrap the desk while Jim held onto his faded red cap and rode the truck lift up. “Cool! Yeah, it’s being bratty. Our IT department’s been too busy, so I’m limping along. Anything’ll help!” They rolled the boxed desk down the liftgate while Chaos was talking. “Sounds good.”

On the elevator ride, Chaos rambled about her Pomeranian, Pandemonium.

Chaos turned on the floor lights to a fancy office overlooking the Port of Eville. Walls without windows showcased intricate industrial designs. “Wow. Are these Track-King 300 schematics?” Chaos jumped and clapped her hands. “Yep! My team’s great! We do all sorts of cool stuff! From vehicles to buildings to accessories. I gotta admit, the coolest designs are here in my office!”

Chaos’s office had assorted artifacts and an empty desk.

“Here it is! Everything’s clear! Take your time. Bathrooms are near the elevators, there’s coffee in the breakroom, and I’ll be there if you need me! See ya!” They moved out the old mammoth desk, built the new ergonomic sit-stand desk, in a tasteful pastel pink, and moved over the computer equipment. Jim excused himself to the restroom, so Jane found Chaos in the breakroom.

Chaos hugged Jane before she could recoil.

“That was fast!” She hugged tighter. “You must really be good at moving!” She let go. “Now it’s time to take a look at my new desk, and, for you to fix my computer!” Chaos smiled and skipped toward the office. “Okay…!”

Jane felt warm.

Quotes: Chaos’s walkthrough of office amenities is an amalgamative speech I’ve heard before.
Sources: My professional experiences, though I didn’t often move furniture for high-roller customers.
Inspirations: Chaos is based on Kaos from Comic Girls and hyperactive anime characters
Related: This initially occurred directly after “Dumping Jade Table,” in the Sammohini Arc of “The Story,” but this will begin a new arc. Narrative ideas are set, I just need to refine my writing chops to effectively tell it.
Photo: Drab warehouse door
Written On: June 27th [23 minutes], July 4th [2 hours]
Last Edited: July 7th
Casual Editors: Ryan and Collector
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