[Sammohini Arc] Lemme Sit Down

“Click up there in the upper right corner, next to the X, there’s a button with a little line in it, no, up more, OK, now over to the left, other left, no, near the X, not the X, near it, where there’s a little line, not the bigger box, the little box on the left, no, not on the left side of the screen… do you mind if I sit down and do it?”

The nurse relinquished her spot.

“OK, so I was thinking we should close this window, or, I mean minimize it, so we can… oh yeah, I wanted to check to make sure the printer settings were alright, so what I’ll do is next I’ll…” the nurse watched as the stylishly dressed technical support woman clicked away at the screen with confidence and speed that made it nearly impossible to catch up.

“Oh, cool, it’s working now!”

There was a whirring of electrical noises from the printer sitting next to the computer in the nurse’s station. Rising from its inoperable grave, the printer slowly chugged away in a meager piece of paper, which the technician, who was a near spitting image of her daughter, took and looked over briefly before showing it to the nurse.

“Wow! How’d you learn all this?”

“I went to school with my friend Jane, we went through elementary school to high school together, and when we went to college, we wanted to get into the same program and she’s really good at computers, so I went into the same program as her, and we both graduated not too long ago with our degrees in Computer Management.”

The nurse had wheeled up in another rolling chair.

“That’s great! My daughter Stephanie is a waitress that’s studying to be an EMT ambulance driver a few hours each week. She’s just about your age and her boyfriend is a machinist for the Port of Eville. He treats her well enough, but I don’t think they’ll be getting married. He’s an alright guy but you know when a man just doesn’t take care of you that well?”

Sammohini sat calmly listening, her first respite all day.

“That’s too bad!” Sammohini sat with her legs crossed and the QIT report print out on her lap, nearly completed, except for getting Joann to initial the paperwork. “Oh yeah! Can you put your initials down?” She pushed the paperwork forward toward Joann on her clipboard. “Where do I initial, then?” Sammohini moved closer so she could see the clipboard.

She pointed to the empty space at the bottom.

“I’m sorry! I’m just tired. It’s been a long day at work and this shift’s been more hectic than usual. It’s one if those days where you just want to have a quick breather but it doesn’t seem like you can, don’t you know?” Sammohini looked at the signed paperwork, concluding her last stop on the floor, or within the hospital, and sighed.

“Yeah! I know what you mean, Joann!”

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