[Sammohini Arc] Long Work Day

The clock on the dashboard of her truck read 9:23 PM as she pulled into a parking stall in the run-down apartment complex on a Friday evening after a long work day. Jane, a former computer repair technician currently picking up hours moving furniture, had been awake since 3:30 AM for a full day of work. All she could think of as she parked her truck was making sure not to crash before crashing on her couch.

Jane parked and grabbed her lunch pale and purse from the passenger’s seat.

The parking lot was nearly empty. As she walked up to her studio apartment, she thought about how she would be out there too, probably to Bad Seed or maybe the Wrong Side of the Tracks to meet new strangers and old friends, had she not needed to clean up after getting canned from the Eville Library some time back. Not quite for drinking too much, but that didn’t help the situation with that…

Besides, she needed to get back to work again early tomorrow morning.

If there was one thing that was nice about pulling in all these hours, she thought as she walked up the stairs and got out her keys out of her purse, it was that it kept her busy. Out of trouble, more accurately. Going to Seed, in particular, was fun because most nights there’d be a concert going for not much of a cover charge, so she’d get drunk, listen to some bands, maybe make out with someone, and have a fun time.

Except through the next day with cantankerous delayed thinking.

Whereas now, though not as exciting, this studio apartment wasn’t terrible. Just the essentials. The only guest she’d ever had over was her friend and sponsor Sammohini, who didn’t care that her table functioned as her dining room table and computer desk. Jane thought of jumping online for a bit, but she was still too tired to really focus on anything besides freshening up before bed.

Better than the old place that required too much work to easily afford.

Sure, that meant selling off most of her stuff, she thought as she brushed her teeth, but what was that stuff worth anyways? Not much of anything! She set down the toothbrush, changed out of her work clothes, threw them into an overflowing hamper that she’d need to bring down to the laundromat probably tomorrow morning, and changed into a faded concert shirt and pajama pants.

She spat out the remaining bits of toothpaste and used alcohol-free mouthwash.

One last look in the mirror. What a change the last few years made, she thought to herself as she looked at the bags under her eyes, before looking at the note Sammohini wrote for her once that she bagged and taped to the mirror – “I’m honored to have you as my friend!!” – and she smiled. She made her way over to the couch and checked that the alarm would ring at 3:30 AM.

Before crashing into sleep.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My professional experiences.
Inspirations: I wrote a bunch of content for Blah Blah today, but nothing for my own writing, so I wrote this to capture that. I didn’t quite start the day at 3:30 AM, but close, and this feeling of floating on my way to bed is something I’ve experienced frequently. This turned out more introspective than I had imagined as I drove home, but I’m happy enough with it.
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Written On: October 6th [1 hour]
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