[Sammohini Arc] My Last Day?

“IT, this is Sam!”
“Hey, Sam, this is Vincent Preminger in Finance… looks like I’m locked out. Are they trying to tell me I’m fired?”
“Oh, umm… well, let’s take a look at your account!”
Sammohini clicked around on her small computer screen, through a few labyrinthine programs, before finding Vincent’s name. The rookie helpdesk technician contracting at Eville Medical looked at the account details, and with knowledge of corporate policy, proceeded to tell Vincent…

“…OK, you’re unlocked. Give it another go!”

“OK.” She typed quickly into the QIT ticketing system to track the call and the actions done during the phone call. “Hey, I’m in… shucks! Guess that means I’ve gotta go to work now… why does that happen, anyways? I didn’t even do anything. I just typed in my password in a few times and then it said I was locked out…!”

Sammohini hovered her mouse over the close button.

“Oh, umm, we have a policy in place where, ahh, after three attempts to log in, it locks your account. N-not your account specifically! Everyone’s got that same policy applied to their account. It, protects us, just in case some bad guy or gal tries to hack in!”

No calls in queue.

“Oh, OK.” “Yeah! So what I do is if I type my password in incorrectly once, I take a quick breather and remember my password. I try to think about it to make sure I don’t get locked out. I’m almost certain to type it in incorrectly if I’m in a hurry, which, I’m sure you’re in!” “No, I’m good. Thank you, Sam. I appreciate the explanation!”

One call in queue.

“Oh yeah, sure. Have a good one, Vincent!” She hung up and answered the next call as she closed the previous ticket. “IT, this is Sam!” “Hey, Sam, this is Jenny Krowqaukm in Legals. Is it my last day or something? I tried logging in but it said my account’s expired!”

It took her a second to realize she was being sarcastic.

“Heh… probably not! We don’t work like that, or at least I’ve never seen anyone get fired here, but I’m still rather new. Sorry, how do you spell your last name?” There were thirteen different ‘Jens’ in the system, with K or C last names, and the phone just displayed ‘Legal Department.’

No calls in the queue.

“It’s Krowqaukm. It’s spelled: Kilo, Romeo, Oscar-” “Gotcha! Your account was locked. Wanna give it another go here in… one second… OK!” Sammohini used the same account unlock form as before to auto-populate the ticket for Jenny.

“Nice! I’m in, thanks, bye.”

There weren’t any calls in the queue and she still had a few minutes before her break, so she wrapped up her last few tickets. There was one ticket she needed to send along to a group handling a specific application, but it was low priority, so she could polish the notes to make it legible before sending it over.

‘Alright! It’s break time!’

Quotes: None, at least, not directly.
Sources: My professional experiences. Vincent’s name was randomly picked from a few characters in a multiplayer online game and Jenny’s last name was randomly generated as “krwqaukm.”
Inspirations: Thinking about some of the most common helpdesk things, this popped into my mind.
Related: Somewhere in the Sammohini Arc of “The Story.” More specifically, toward the first third of the story, where Sammohini is just getting into the field.
Picture: Generic picture to save time.
Written On: September 27th [1 hour]
Last Edited: October 10th [15 minutes] – Tightened up some of the wording. Tangental note: There is less visual description than maybe it should have because this is primarily spoken on phone calls, and when I talk on the phone, I don’t really register visuals around the desk so much, so maybe that’s why I focused more on the dialogue. A writing challenge for later, perhaps.
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