[Sammohini Arc] One Question Daily

“Hey Hank, I’ve been trying to reach Tighearnán all day about something. Do you have any advice?”
“T-oh- y’mean Tear? Yeah… ya get one question per day with him. He’s, unfortunately, that busy. Oh, and lemme see the question, too.”
The senior-level computer repair technician, Hank, locked his computer and jumped out of his chair to see the computer screen of Sammohini, a junior-level computer repair technician that had joined his team some months back.

Sammohini unlocked her computer and let Hank sit down.

“Oh, yeah, I can see why he didn’t reply. So, umm, I know you’ve been working a lot on trying not to talk so much… and summarize your points better… but I can see this is a complicated one. You’ve gotta lotta stuff in here that’s probably really straightforward to him but kinda confusing for you, so you’re explaining it to him like you’d be explaining it to yourself. But- I gotta idea. This isn’t urgent for the user, right?”

Sammohini shifted her weight and stroked her chin.

“Well, I mean-a… no more urgent than anyth-hing else I supp-ose… I mean… uhh… everything’s important for everyone, right? And in this situation, I mean, it’s a-one of those things that’s kinda been going on for a while, so I guess the user’s been living with it, and the ticket isn’t too terribly old or anything like that, so I guess it’s not too bad that it should wait, and it doesn’t really affect production if that’s what you’re getting at…”

Hank found his chance to interject!

“No worries. What I was thinking was, what if we find some time on his calendar to schedule a half ‘our to hang out with Tear somewhere, introduce yourself, and brainstorm up ah solution?” Sammohini smiled and jumped slightly. “Oh! Wow! That sounds great! Thank you so much for helping me out on this one! I know I’ve been around for a bit by now and you’re busy with your own stuff, so I appreciate the help, I really do!”

Hank stood up and locked Sammohini’s workstation.

“Sure thing, I’m curious on ah solution, too. Let’s go back over ta my desk,” Hank ran over to his desk and logged in while continuing to talk, “and I’ll set up the meetin’ since he knows me. Don’t take it personal-like or anything. He’s just got like uh hundred plus tickets in his queue.” Sammohini looked at the notepad she had in her hand with filled in boxes next to everything she’d accomplished recently.

“Wow! I only have about twelve- no, thirteen. I guess I’m kinda lazy…?”

Hank swiveled his chair, brushed the air away between them, and returned to the computer. “Nah, nothin’ like that. He’s got some bad luck runnin’ right now and’s super busy, so I’ll spend ten minutes sometimes figuring out th’right way to ask ‘im ah question. Others on his team are like that too. How’s 3PM tomorrow? …For a meet-n-greet?”

Deas! That’d be deas! …I mean, wonderful!”

Quotes: None.
Sources: My professional experience.
– Tighearnán’s workload is based on several people I’ve met in the industry, and I’ve had a workload like that once. Behind the Name randomized his name.
– Sammohini is half Irish [in-world: “Dirish”] so I wanted to throw in two references to that, first with her pronouncing the name correctly and concluding with an Irish word. I haven’t studied Irish so my phrasing is probably off…
Inspirations: I had a chat with a buddy of mine recently about wasting people’s time with bad questions. Here were my brainstorming notes from two days ago: Sammohini might ask Hank about a particular situation where she wanted to ask someone a question but she was busy. Hank might respond with “you only get one question per day out of her, and it takes like an hour for her to see it, but she knows her stuff. She’s just unfortunately too swamped with work and too specialized to help train anyone else.” Considering I’ve been in these shoes before, the idea fascinated me. This character was initially going to be female, then the randomizer generated this name and it all fell into place. I’ve also been wanting to practice accents and dialects more, so Hank has more of a colloquially casual accent in this one. Just trying to find his talking cadence.
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Written On: November 1st [40 minutes]
Last Edited: First draft; final draft.
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