[Sammohini Arc] Paid To Work

“You used to work with computers, right, Doc?”
The two furniture movers were strapping down their load before a full day of deliveries.
“Why do this work, then?”
“It’s a long story, Andrius.”
They closed the lift gate and jumped in the midsized truck.
“We have time. Why not lemme know what happened, eh?”
“It’s not that exciting. I think I like doing this more. We’re paid to work, not to care about bull-“

Andrius interrupted by starting the engine.

“-that doesn’t matter. Yeah, we’ve all got problems. If it’s not rent, it’s family, or personal.” The truck left the shipping yard. “Preach it, sister.” Overcast, no rain. “So I’d deal with a lot of problems. People would tell me the craziest things. I’d have to keep a straight face through all of it. Some days, I’d leave work and get plastered just to forget about all that-“

Andrius honked at the car in front.

“Come on! Light’s green! Move it, buddy!” The driver woke up and they drove through the intersection. “-so, yeah, same here, too, but at least you don’t have to carry that with you when you get home, right?” The engine purred along on the highway. “Good point. Yeah, that jerk was too busy trying to get something out of his backseat, but we’re all guilty of doing that-“

“Yeah. It’s worse with computers.”

“Aren’t you just fixing those boxes and playing around?” They hit a heavy stretch of traffic. “Nah. If it were that easy, I’d be set. Instead, most it- of it is helping people understand how their computer is behaving. They only call up or visit when-” They passed paramedics with a firefighting vehicle dousing a small car on the shoulder. “-Ouch, that looks bad.”

Jane didn’t even look over.

“-and sometimes it’s, like, I just wanna tell them to get a therapist. We’ve all got problems, right? I mean, I stopped drinking, but it’s still something I have to fight every day. There is no stopping this barrage of alcohol advertising. It’s terrible. I hate it sometimes. Yet these people have it rough because some stupid program isn’t working exactly as they want?”

The engine purred at an offramp intersection.

“Sounds rough.” Jane exhaled. “Yeah. It’s like, we all have our stuff to deal with, and that’s what I like about this. We get banged up, but we don’t have to hold onto anything, and some customers are really cool.” Jane finished the last of her morning coffee. “Oh, thanks for listening.” Andrius looked over, gave a thumbs up with an almost goofy smile, and went back to driving.

“You were like my therapist today.”

Andrius shut off the engine at their first stop of the day. “Sure enough.” Jane looked through her wallet. “I can buy lunch today. I should have-” “How about you look at my daughter’s computer? It’s been acting up lately. Maybe there’s a virus on it?”

“Sure. How’s this weekend look? I don’t have any plans.”

Quotes: None.
Sources: My professional experiences. The name Andrius Darko was randomly generated.
Inspirations: Just thinking about why we work, and what we’re willing to tolerate for money.
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Photo: Looking through my photo archive, this was an error message I received at one contract. The fix was to just reimage the computer since it broke on a particular proprietary part of the imaging process. I video-recorded the booting process for my context. The photo is just here for visual flavor. 
Written On: July 20th [30 minutes]
Last Edited: August 9th [5 minutes]
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